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10 Artistic Examples of Illustrated Websites

If you are planning to create a website using illustrations, then this essay can be very useful in all cases.

Sites that are created using art and illustrations this is commendable. In this modern period, illustrated websites play an important role and are even more welcome if you use animated illustrations. Not only is this a beauty to your site, but it also gives your visitors a chance to learn what it does.

These design elements can illuminate and guide the user experience. A very eye-catching atmosphere, colors and artistic features add a big plus to your business idea. So don’t wait longer and see our perfect website examples with your own eyes.

1. Byteaxe

Clean amazing web design with 3D illustrations creating an illusion for your imagination. Well crafted colors and combination attractive for your eyes.

2. Sapiens

Intuitive, clean and well crafted website brings only the best emotions when looking to it. Choose from dozens of illustrations, components, backdrops, poses, and styles to create hundreds of unique characters. A modern splash for your imagination

3. Websites & Animations

Very artistic website with great and modern animated motion design perfect for any kind of business to attract customers and make a fortune.

4. Proxies

One more example of website design which using a 3D illustrations with eye-catching effects. 3D design is fast growing in the 21-th century that can help you to show your business in an amazing environment.

5. Landing Page with Illustrations

A classic web design with adorable illustrations mostly used in landing pages to illustrate product or services. Clean and enough modern with simply environment.

6. Pets by Spotify

Why not to play a little with the pets and create an awesome web design with them? Spotify makes a beautiful design by using pets which is playful, adorable and unique.

7. Masoud Rostami

This simply and clean website dedicated for graphic design is an awesome example how to use a minimalistic style together with some black and white illustrations.

8. Malika Favre

Modern and attractive web design of Malika Favre an atristic desgner. Just take a look at this great minimalistic portfolio and simply navigation. It’s just marvelous.

9. Root Studio

A nice example of simply crafted with minimalistic style web design. A small touch of animated graphic and that’s it. Worth seeing and feeling.

10. Siteleaf

Nature themed modern website with animal illustrations, can enslave everyone’s heart. The minimal colors and the living room itself look clean and cozy to walk into.

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