Current date:December 9, 2022

20 Creative Things That You Should See

Are you imagine that the humans can be soo creative and no exception in this amazing post you will get a dose of the passion and inspiration for the rest of your life. Today we have our smarty brains switching on and with our friends from DesignFaves bring to the live really impressive things that you should see immediately.

The Design Faves has daily posts on the latest, most exciting ideas in creative businesses. There are tons of categories of such businesses so far and updated every day. It’s a simple, useful tool with quality content that you won’t easily find anywhere else.

Keep a good mood and enjoy this collection of things.

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Hounting self-portraits of animals replacing one eye

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Dripping watercolor portraits merge elegance and mystery

Taxis in india are about to look a lot prettier

Dictators holding plush stuffed animales a supper creepy but I can’t stop looking

Fantastic murals create striking optical illusions

Real bananas painted with hip fashion patterns

The world’s first spice pen encourages creativity in the kitchen

Breathtaking photos of humansencapsulated in thickdripping honey

Captivating microscopic photos of bugs reveal strange details

A pile of rock pillows

This 144 year old wisteria is stunning. It is the oldest in Japan.

Beautiful flowing glass sculptures by Rick Eggert simulate fire and water

Flower cakes and other ornate baked goods by Iven Kawi

9 surprisingly beautiful close-ups of something we often overlook

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