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6 Graphic Formats Every Designer Deals With

Types of files you need to know as being a graphic designer.

Working as a graphic designer doesn’t just mean that you simply make a design, but it also requires having a complete grip on the various file formats of graphic designing, because a client may require your services in any format he/she desires, therefore having a complete knowhow of the various formats, as well as converting them is pretty essential.

Following are some of the famous file formats each graphic designer deals with every day.

PNG Portable Network Graphics

PNG is one of the most common formats in the world of graphics design. The PNG format is typically used for logos and other places where high resolution is not the priority. The file formats for is .PNG. One of the best advantages of the portable network graphic format is that it can also have transparent background.

GIF Graphics Interchange Format

GIF is another popular graphics format that almost every one of us has come across at least once in our life. The GIF format is heavy used in websites as well as emails. The major reason of the popularity of GIF is because of its small size. There are several compression techniques used in the GIF algorithm that help keep the size low and quality high. One thing that GIF have common with PNG is the transparent background. 

JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group

The JPEG graphic files are saved with the extension of .JPG. JPEG is one of, if not the most famous file format when it comes to pictures. Most of the pictures and graphics that you download from the internet are saved in JPEG format. The JPEG format offers high quality images with a normal sized file. One thing that is different in the JPEG file is the absence of transparent background.

PSD Photoshop Document

PSD is a graphics format that is known to almost every graphics designer that uses the photoshop software. As the name suggests, the PSD format is specific to photoshop and is created by it. One of the main features of the PSD format is that the data can be stored in layers, just like the different graphics layers in photoshop, as a result, the quality of the images are increased significantly.

AI Adobe Illustrator

Most of the logo designers make use of the AI file format. The AI file format is created by the Adobe Illustrator software, and is widely used for making logos and other graphic design related projects. The AI file format stores the graphics in the form of arrays which can then be used to convert into various other file formats pretty easily, without compromising the quality.

PDF Portable Document Format

PDF is widely regarded as the universal file format when it comes to graphics designing. The best part about PDF file format is that it embeds the fonts, graphics, layouts and images as it is to give them a cleaner look. Any image or text can be converted into PDF irrespective of the software they are used to make.

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It is clear about formats, but what about converting? Saving your design in different formats opening each file with specific Adobe software can take lots of time. Is there any way to speed up the process? Sure. Just use a third-party service, for example It is one of the renowned online file converters that gives you the freedom of converting any type of graphic designing format to another with ease. With this tool, graphic designers can convert any type of file format in the one which their client requires, and the best part is that it is free.

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