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7 Recommended Platforms to Sell Your Fonts

Top platforms to sell your creative fonts fast without any hastle or huge efforts.

If you think that your are enough professional to create an premium fonts for sell, then you need a selling platform where to place your works, so you can earn an extra money for efforts you spend the precious time and experience.

Today we have gathered a collection of 7 recommended platforms to sell your fonts and we hope this list helps you a lot if you are still a beginner in this kind of business. So let’s go to the list below and enjoy!

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Platforms to Sell Your Fonts

1. Envato Elements

Become an Envato Elements author, sell your fonts and earn 50% share from all subscriptions goes straght to the authors. Great solution to make money if you can create exclusive fonts.

2. Creative Market

Top leading online marketplace with millions of great design is the best place to sell your creative work like fonts with this company. Set your own price and earn 70% of every product selled.

3. Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is more than just a marketplace. They empower you to succeed doing what you love most. Make money in a few different ways: 75% for sales you refer, 50% for sales they refer. You can participate in this platform with your own exclusie fonts and sell them effortlessly.

4. Yellow Images

Make your artistic talent work for you! Do what you love with a passion and creative ideas. Yellow Images is one of the most attractive marketplace to work. Earn 71% – 50% from the Author Fund and 21% from the sales of your team members. Add your creative fonts to the platform and wait your checks. Are you ready to join?

5. My Fonts

Myfont is the leading platform for font marketplaces, the popularity is unquestionable. Just like the other  platforms, the possible earning that font creators could get is around 50%. It’s a promising platform to sell your fonts.

6. So Fontsy

Sell your professional made fonts on So Fontsy platform. You can simply open the shop and wait for approval. Then you can setup your fonts and start making money in easy way.

7. Etsy

Etsy is a well known platform to sell any creative project and your fonts too, therefore it has tons of traffic. It seems because of its popularity, distinct to other platforms that’ve been mentioned, it needs $0.20 for every added list. Additionally, it also needs another $0.20 to renew every list which expires for 4 months, yes it needs to renew every list every 4 months no matter if it’s sold or not. It also charges 5% as transaction fee for every purchased item.

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