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9 Latest Web Design Trends to Look Out in 2020

Only a couple of months have gone by in 2020 and we have already started to see the latest design elements and components that will be in trend the entire year and beyond.

A majority of these designs and elements are the advancements of existing components, such as more minimalism, more use of gradients, 3D images, dark mode, etc.

Many designers are coming up with new styles while others are revamping the existing ones to make the look and feel of designs trendy. Whereas, there are some previous design trends which will continue to remain trends in 2020.

In this article, we have curated the latest trends in web design that are worth looking out for in 2020.

1. Minimalist Design

The minimalism is one of the most classical design trends that never goes out of trend. Clean lines and simplicity are the two main characteristics of minimalism, showing ‘less is more’. The main aim of using a minimalist design is to focus on the content and make it visually outstanding. It brings the mind of the viewers down to the basics.


In 2020, this will continue to be a web design trend as more and more designers consider it elegant, beautiful and highly usable.

2. Dark Mode

Websites with dark mode designs look simply stunning and ultra-modern. The dark mode designs make the other elements pop and enhance the visibility of secondary colors for an appealing dynamic design.


The dark mode web designs are easy on the eyes and look great on OLED screens. It is one of the best options for webmasters and business owners looking to add moody content and elements on the websites along with glowing neon and modern styles.

The reason dark mode web design is trending in 2020 is that such user interfaces on websites and apps perfectly complement the other elements and improve the readability of the content.

3. Combination of Photos and Illustrations

This year, we will see more websites that use a combination of photos and simple 2D illustrations. People nowadays like imperfect, hand-drawn illustrations which not only add a feel of fun to the website but also bring a sense of humanity to it.


Some designers will prefer to replace some parts of the images with the illustrations, while others will create complete new designs with illustrations. The aim here is to add human touch to the website or web app.

Many brands are already using a combination of photos and illustrations to appeal to their visitors and make an impression. Throughout the year, we will see more and more designers preferring this web design trend.

4. Hand-Drawn Icons and Elements

The businesses and individuals who want to add some moods and feelings to their websites will use hand-drawn elements and icons in the designs. These icons and designs look positive and add an emotional touch to the experience. Design experts say that such web designs can brighten up the day of viewers and add positivity to their thoughts.


Moreover, the hand-drawn design elements are unique and look stylized, while making the brands and businesses stand out from the competitors. This year, this will get more trendy as more websites and bloggers will look to add lifelike and human touch to their websites.

5. 3D Images and Elements

We will see a very high use of 3D images and graphic designs this year on websites. Web designers should arm themselves with the essential things to create 3D designs and step up their game.

Source: Avian Rizky

The 3D designs and visuals have always been appealing to the users. However, the technologies required to create such designs have been expensive. But the price tags have declined now with these technologies becoming a norm. This has opened a door to new opportunities for web designers and businesses to create websites and blogs with 3D visuals.

These designs provide an immersive and outstanding experience to the users and keep them stuck on the website. One thing worth noting while creating 3D web designs is that your web host should be providing fast and secured hosting for your businesses, else the page-speed will be slow.

6. Bold Letters and Headings

Bold typography is another web design trend that provides websites a simpler yet attractive look. There are several vivid advantages of having bold typography designs, such as it helps in getting attention to the brand name or mission. The website visitors are highly likely to pay attention to such design patterns and remember what was written in bold.

7. Moving Visuals

Nowadays, the webmasters and businesses have started to use more of moving visuals like videos, GIFs, and other animations on the site. These are generally used in the background to make the visitors stay on the site for longer, at least to see the visuals. Moreover, the moving visuals are always a better option that static backgrounds. This will be trending throughout the year.

Source: Raluca Desa

8. Parallax Scrolling

The parallax web design has been around for years now, but it never goes out of trend. Parallax scrolling designs are those where the background of the website moves at a slower speed as compared to the foreground, on scrolling. This results in creating a pseudo-3D effect.


This design trend came from the video games. It is great for the gaming websites, and the businesses that want to tell stories with the webpage.

9. Voice User Interface (VUI)

With the rise in usage of voice-enabled digital assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, the businesses are realizing the importance of VUIs. The VUIs enable website visitors to interact with the webpages using their voice. Although this is not completely related to the web design, but website owners will ensure that their designs are voice-friendly.


Wrapping Up:

These are the top web design trends to which website owners will look forward to in 2020. To stay competitive, it is crucial for you to keep your website updated according to these trends.

If you know about more designs that will trend this year, let us know via the comments below.

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