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A Flat Design Epoch Should End in 2021

Flat design has come a very long and well-kept way into your (designer's) heart, but it’s time to say goodbye to this design language that follows minimalism and has been widely used.

As always we are happy to bring something interesting and important design information for our visitors. But this time it is not a funny deal, but a wish to inform, that our lovely flat design counting the time till he dissapear from our life. Flat design was widely used design language in web and graphic projects, but in other side it is a great news, that  we must and need to make changes to attract our customer’s who are our (designer’s) priority and keep up with the latest design trends in tact.

From our personal side felt that 2021 should be end of flat design and we can bet huge amount of artists, graphic designers as well as visualizers would agree with us without any doubts.

What is Flat Design?

A flat design is a user-interface modern design style known for the following traits:

  • Digital friendly
  • Minimalistic Styles
  • Symmetrical gird-based layouts
  • 2D elements
  • Bright colors
  • Bold typography
  • Symbilic icons
  • Simplicity

Flat design is often contrasted to the skeuomorphic style that gives the illusion of three dimensions through copying real-life properties. Its popularity became prominent with the release of Windows 8, Apple’s iOS 7, and Google’s Material Design, all of which utilize flat design.

Why Flat Design Was So Popular?

Guys, we would like to share, that flat design was preferred for graphics and web designing because it helped in the quick loading of the content on smartphones. So this kind of design was very popular for the long time. But with a new wind of technology to this industry now smart devices are able to read and load 3D effects, gradients as well as shadows without any hastle. So it’s time to make changes, to make a different in the industry.

Image by Toonie Alarm

If Not a Flat Design, Than What?

If you are not sure or still not realise in which way you can change the flat design here we going to introduce some examples like:

  • Adding a 3D concepts
  • Adding gradients or pastel tones
  • Adding shadows
  • Adding contrasting highlights
  • Adding brushes
  • Giving angles a twist
  • Adding textures, patterns or part of them

Just keep on your imagination and play around with some new things and then you will see how you don’t need a flat styles and your design will follow the trends as we trying to explain in this article.

Some Examples Where the Design World is Heading:

Image by

Wrapping Up

Be prepared for change and create unique, eye-pleasing designs. Learn new techniques in a variety of design programs because the future is already now, so your efforts will not be in vain.

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