Current date:September 27, 2022

A New Look for Hamburg’s Most Iconic Beer “Holsten”

Brand new vintagely modern look for one of the most famous Hamburg's beer

Design Bridge got an important task to create a completely new look for “Holsten” the most iconic beer in Hamburg, Germany. The drawing and creating the design was taken a place of the city’s industrial heritage.

Design Bridge / Holsten

The Holsten brewery get a sense of the city’s and beer history (see the video) and was collected a key information about the brand’s roots. These details was used in drawing of beer symbol and concept of this huge change of branding.

“Holsten is one of Carlsberg’s most consumed beers in Germany, and it’s Hamburg’s most synonymous with the everyday beer drinker,” Mike Stride, creative director at Design Bridge London, says. “Despite its quality taste credentials achieved by generations of skilled, passionate brewers, Holsten’s perception had shifted to a more industrial, mass-produced beer. Our challenge was to refresh the brand for the contemporary market without alienating the brand’s existing loyal consumer base.”

Design Bridge / Holsten

The knight has been flipped to face the other way. “By turning the knight around he now proudly rides forwards – a significant shift from the previous outdated armed warrior to a progressive, flag-bearing beacon of leadership,” says Design Bridge.

Beer aficionados notice, that the shield-shaped label has been removed from the bottle, and a “light and refreshing” teal colour has been added to reflect the oxidisation of the knight statue that sits atop the Holsten brewery tower. and also there’s a new handcrafted wordmark, which draws on typography and labels found in the Holsten archives (though we have to say, it is extremely similar to the previous incarnation).

The Design Bridge’s purpose to create such a difficult task was done and resulted in a unique, authentic visual identity that doesn’t appear to be like an aping doubts already out there.

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