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6+ Free Animated Typefaces for Adobe After Effects

In this complete post, we have gathered the handpicked collection of animated typefaces from around the web that you can download and start using in your video projects.

The purpose of animated typefaces is wonderful, because you can create your video titles without going through the difficulties of creating a title animation from scratch.

For that is a good news! There are not so much but cool animated typefaces available online that you can use in your video projects. From hi-tech animated typefaces to playful and retro-style typefaces, there is an typeface for every type of video.

If you like our free selection you are welcome to buy some premium animated types for your needs in the post below. Keep enjoyng this amazing types!

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Ribbon (Free)

Add dynamic modern style to your video projects with this exclusive animated and quirky typeface. You’ll get 78 characters and pre-rendered clips.

PolyNoise (Free)

It is an animated typeface that fits to glitchy styles and is easy to work with. The colors are easy to customize and you don’t have to worry about dropping each letter on a separate timeline with this typeface.

Alquimia (Free)

The Alquimia animated font has a truly unique and geometric look. The font can be freely used in both personal and commercial projects and you can easily modify the colors.

Helvetica Neue (Free)

Helvetica Neue animated font for your next project that needs a classic and in the same moment modern touch. This font template is an After Effects template with 43 unique letter, number, and punctuation compositions.

Sketch (Free)

If you’re going for a handwritten look and feel, the Sketch animated font is a great choice. The font includes capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Alphabet (Free)

5 color animated font for Adobe After Effects. Each letter is a separate file and you can easily drag and drop each letter into your own project.

Typogami (Free)

Typogami has letters that look like they’re made from folded paper. It can be tweaked in a number of ways–by adjusting the color, fold angles, where the light falls, and the intensity of the shadow.

Premium Animated Typefaces

Lettering Font

This animated font would be a great choice for a wedding video or a video that promotes a high-end fashion or jewelry company. The font includes a complete alphabet and numbers and a variety of different styles.

Painted On

It is a must-have typeface if you want to add a unique look to your video. Each character paints on with white, black and blue colors which can easily be customized to your brand colors.

Smoke Letters – Font Animation

It is an amazing animated font which adds a smoke effects in to your typography design.

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