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15+ Art Nouveau Fonts for Vintage Elegant Design

Combination of Art Deco and Retro styles was created a term of Art Nouveau. These fonts are crazy avesome for your vintage design projects.

Art Nouveau is an international style of the applied arts that was most popular between 1890 and 1910. It made itself well-known through graphic arts, architecture, and decor. If you can imagine the Victorian time in the history these Art Nouveau fonts are best for greatly decorative vintage designs that smells the past.

This fusion is seen in not only in graphic arts, but also in interior design, furniture, glass art, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, and metal work. Your projects can get the same natural-looking but modern appeal by taking a look at these available Art Nouveau fonts. Enjoy!

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Art Nouveau Font

This fluid art nouveau style font is perfect for projects with a vintage feel such as food labels, menus, invitations, packaging and etc.

De Arloy Typeface

Combining classic typography with awesome features bring classic touch on this decade by 1890-1910. Suit for wine packaging, labeling, logos, classic shops, coffee shops, movie titles and etc.

Melvca Typeface

It is a display font with a vintage art nouveau-style theme. This typeface itself is inspired by the form of leaves / tendrils, like art nouveau features that contain a lot of floral elements. Best for invitations, wedding, postcards, vinatge designs, wine labels and etc.

Petit Jardin Font

Decorative and vintage style font for your retro designs. Perfect for postcards, greetings, cards, invitations, wedding, labels and etc.

Solente Font

It is an elegant slab serif art noveau font. Perfect for use as headline or sub-head text in you design. Best to create vintage designs such as invitations, titles, headlines, covers and etc.

Glitten Ligature Font

Glitten is a elegant and classy serif typeface. Works great for logos, magazines, social media, covers, flyers and etc.

Hornbuckle Typeface

It is a vintage font with a victorian style and is very suitable to be combined with the Art Nouveau style. Suitable for making vintage logos, liquor label designs, badge designs, packaging designs and etc.

Wallington Pro

It is a decorative-serif font embodying vintage and elegant curves with functional structure. Perfect for vintage labels, wedding, invitations, cover tettiles and etc.

Glassure Tyoeface Version 1.0

is an experimental typeface that is inspired by every pull and curl in the process of making glass sculptures and Art Nouveau style. Combine the uppercases, lowercases and other feature to get the look that you want. Perfect for vintage designs and not only.

Art-Nuvo – Rough Psychedelic Font

It is a hand drawn psychedelic font family that comes in 6 carefully crafted styles. It is great for music artwork and trippy/experimental themes.

ROTHE – Vintage Luxury Font

A luxury vintage lettering style fonts. Inspired by the branding from the vintage classic era with the full decorative feels and complex design but still get the luxury feels right away.

Sailing South Font Duo

Old timer font for vintage and modern designs. Perfect for invitations, headlines, wedding, posters and etc.

Sekatoan Typeface

An vintage typeface comes with 3 styles clean – inline, inline-shadow. The energetic ornamental typeface that you can use it for your vintage project, traditional style, quotes or headlines.

Ved Relret Display Font

It is a decorative font for display. The inherent ornament element makes this font suitable for display, such as badge design, logo badge, logotype, liquor label design, beer label design, t-shirt design and etc.

Royale Luxurious Typeface

It is a minimalist modern and elegant font with beautiful ligatures, tons of special alternative glyphs, ornament and multilingual support. Ideal for logo design, clothing branding, product packaging, magazine headers and etc.

Affair Typeface

It’s an old-school typeface, perfect for creating some classic lettering compositions. Affair font includes lots of ligatures to create more organic text shape.

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