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30+ Wonderful Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

A collection of handpicked premium Adobe Illustrator brushes in mixed categories.

Adobe Illustrator is a wonderful program that can be used in to create an amazing artworks. You can craft different designs and styles by using it and you will be surprised how these Adobe Illustrator brushes can be handly for you to make a magic.

In this compilation we have gathered the most attractive premium Adobe Illustrator brushes. They are so lovely and unique, that you need to try each of them. Don’t forget to download by applying a small amount of fee and then you can make the magic happens. Keep a good mood and enjoy.

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Vintage Illustrator Brush Kit

In this set you will get 54 realistic ink and pen vintage look brushes. You will love to use this brushes in Adobe Illustrator on any kind of projects.

Pencil Craft Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

All brushes were made by hand with real pencils and leads. These brushes not only looking great and natural, they are infinite!

Flow Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Flow Brushes contains 68 no-stretch brushes for Adobe Illustrator + multicolor version (136 brushes in total). It was inspired by a clean modern style of contemporary illustrations. Flat, but dynamic illustrations made with multiple small flowing strokes.

Ink Age Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Are you a lover of vintage-looking sunbursts​? Now you can make own best looking sunburst in a few seconds. It´s very easy and very very hand-drawn. 120 brushes with different kinds of lines.

Illustrator Vintage Engraving Brushes

70 hand crafted vintage Illustrator brushes for your next project suit your every need – for example, create a vintage logos, illustrations or backgrounds and illustrations.

Chemist Illustrator Brushes

In this set you will get scatter shader brushes, textured and clear line brushes, grain and stipple brushes, decorative outline brushes for Illustrator and as a bonus, retro texture brushes for Photoshop.

Shader Brushes for Illustrator

You get to work with 28 brushes included in the set, divided into 4 groups with their own distinctive features and purposes. Easy to use in Adobe Illustrator.

Stipple Brushes for Illustrator

Inside you’ll find a huge collection of 30 different brushes to suit your every need – for example, create a vintage logos, illustrations or backgrounds.

Illustrator Pencil Brushes

Each brush was made by scanning a real pencil stoke, carefully vectorizing it, cleaning it up and then converting it into an Illustrator art brush. To use the brushes simply select a brush from the tab and draw with the brush tool.

Graphic Beats: Illustrator Brushes

A rich and vast collection of over 330 strokes, speech bubbles, swooshes, splashes and tons of other high-resolution drawings and paintings available a single click of the mouse.

Mid-Century Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

This set contains 50 hand-made brushes for Adobe Illustrator. They work great for texturing, line work or adding grunge edges to your illustrations or typography.

Lighthouse Liner Illustrator Brushes

There are 24 ink, 32 pat, and 16 dot brushes, drawing lines, waves, dashes, hatches, asterisks, dots, squares, zigzags, crosses, and more.. You will get also 20 seamless patterns made with the same inky liner to suit the flawless style.

Tattoo Art Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

334 hand drawn tattoo art brushes for Adobe Illustrator. Simply stipple, line and shade your artwork lines with one click only. Also perfect for comic designs.

The Vintage Comic Creator for Adobe Illustrator

This fantastically extensive selection of brushes, seamless textures, shapes and overlays was designed to help you quickly and easily create vintage comic book themed designs and illustrations.

Mosaic Maker – Brushes & Patterns for Adobe Illustrator

A set of mosaic tile brushes. It contains everything you need to create your own realistic looking fauxsaics.

Shaky Ink Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

With these hand-drawn ink brushes, you can make nice vintage-looking illustrations for your personal or client work

VectorHero Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

With these cool brushes you are able to create such realistic pen and ink illustrations in the most easiest way by using Adobe Illustrator.

Linocut Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Choose one of 35 brushes with an original hand-made look and make amazing work by using an Adobe Illustrator.

Artista Brushes for Illustrator

This Artista brushes edition for Adobe Illustrator will make your transition to digital materials as smooth as possible. It contains 60 different bruches.

Patts Brushes Collection for Adobe Illustrator

The collection contains 50 no-stretched brushes and 60 seamless customizable patterns for Adobe Illustrator.

120 Brush Pens for Adobe Illustrator

This handy brush pack is full of the brushes with different size, press sensitivity and textures. You can draw pretty hand drawn – looking illustrations or use it in your letterings.

Light Print Texture Illustrator Brushes

The brushes are ideal for adding texture to more than just emulated print – try for yourself to see the superb texture depth that comes from layering these brushes.

The Fairy Vector Brushes

47 hand-drawn brushes & patterns for Adobe Illustrator CC to create brushes and patterns for your graphic experiments.

29 Hand Draw Vector Texture Brushes

Carefully hand crafted, they have varying degrees of density, texture and grunginess. These brushes are perfect for shading, or simply adding some texture or noise to your artwork.

20 Vector Watercolor Brushes for AI

These hand-drawn brushes give any vector line art a painted watercolor look while remaining fully editable. Load them into your Adobe Illustrator brushes palette and then apply to any drawn stroke.

Printing Press Illustrator Brushes

You’ll get 18 halftone patterns to convey retro ambiance with some obvious yet convincing means. There are also 6 stroke and 6 grain brushes to help you emulate volume and motion in your artworks.

Ink Pen Brushes for Illustrator

These Adobe Illustrator brushes are great to use for simple black and white sketch or graphics or they can also be used to give a handcrafted feel illustrations.

Stipple Shading Illustrator Brushes

A shading method that particularly prominent in apparel design and illustrations with a retro vibe is the use of stippling, where fine vector textures are added to build up tones and shade in areas of darkness.

60 Pencil Brushes for Illustrator

Make your designs shine with this versatile collection of 60 pencil brushes for Adobe Illustrator. They were made with a variety of pencils including watercolor and mascara.

Grain Shader Brushes for Illustrator

the grain shader brush set for Adobe Illustrator is ideal for adding everything from bold, grungy shading and drop shadows to subtle speckle accents and finely detailed grain overlays.

Art and Scatter Brushes Pack

64 hand drawn art brushes from longest to shortest. 40 scatter brushes for Adobe Illustrator including airbrushes, sponge brushes, chalks and other. Easy to use.

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