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15+ Ridiculous Cartoon & Comic Fonts

Welcome to our carefully handpicked collection of cartoon and comic fonts for your best design project.

Have you ever think and feel, that traditional fonts are too boring for your design project? Do you search something more attractive, funcy and ridiculous, then these cartoon and comic fonts can be not only a perfect for your design or artworks, but also a great addition to your fonts collection.

Here we have gathered more as 15 cartoon and comic fonts for your investigation. Keep a good mood and enjoy your design with these cool fonts presented in the list below.

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Lapsus Pro (Free)

Funny and cool free font for your designs. Perfect for books, brochures, logos, packaging and etc.

Kabayan (Free)

Amazing cartoon free font for your artworks. Perfect for books, brochures, logos, packaging and etc.

Kavoon (Free)

Make your design experiments with this cool font. Perfect for books, brochures, logos, packaging and etc.

Rabbito (Free)

This cartoon font has two different styles. It is suitable for t-shirts designs, labels, animation, logos, YouTube channels and etc.

Angry Birds (Free)

Angry Birds is from comic category. You will get alphabets, numbers, and punctuations.


This font is really funcy and will be a playful for your design project. It will look gorgeous on all your designs like invitation, kids design, baby design, book, branding materials, logo’s, t-shirt, poster and etc.


Fabulous BOOM Comic font for your attractive design! Perfect for adding a little kapow to your designs and it’s thick and juicy so can be easily read at any size.


Mickies inspired from comic style very good for kids poster, flyer childrenbook, cartoon, comic and etc.

Sour Crunch

Thos font is a good choice for any project purpose, for creating logo, packaging, posters, headers, wall arts, cafe banner, t-shirt design, advertisements, kids stuff and etc.


Blubtoon is a cute handwritten font. It perfect for branding, crafting quote, t-shirt, poster, packaging, book cover, display design, cards, invitation and any cute and funny typeface needs and more.

Pizza Travel

This funny font is formed from a unique style of letters. It’s perfect for logos, name card, magazine layouts, invitations, headers, or even large-scale artwork.

Little Pea

It is a cute little handwritten font that would be perfect for comic, books, greeting cards, toys, posters, picture books or anything that requires a fun and happiness look.

Hey Comic

It is a bold display typeface with cheerful theme for your fun project. Hey Comic font suitable for logo, branding, greeting card, poster and any design that you creat.


Comichate is a beautiful comic font. It will look gorgeous on all your designs, invitation, book, branding materials, logo’s, t-shirt, poster and all project design other.

Comic Dylans

It is a cute and quirky display font. It will add an incredibly joyful touch to your designs.

Life O’Riley

A quirky and unique font that is jam packed full of character! Useful for funky headers and also legible in large blocks of text.

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