Current date:December 9, 2022

Creative Market’s Color Of The Season: Meet “Sunbaked Mint”

Creative Market's color pick for Summer 2021 captures “The little things” are slowly coming back.

Little things gets a big things at very popular design selling portal Creative Market. They just unveil a presentation of new design color trend for summer 2021 and it’s calling a “Sunbaked Mint”. So it is worth to take in this trend seriously as this color combination “green and the airy feel of blue” are a good thing for designers effortlessly.

“This neon pastel evokes everything summer 2021 is about: nostalgia, water, turquoise, seaglass, naiveté, and yes, mermaids” – said Laura Busche

The season just began and with this beautiful time of the year brings us the breeze of new ideas and a lot of nice things.

Sunbaked Mint Codes:

  • HEX: #80e8d4
  • RGB: 128, 232, 212
  • CMYK: 43, 0, 25, 0
  • Pantone: 333C


Vibrant Palette for Your Summer Design

Refresh your head and start making something beautiful by using this vibrant palette. Try your hand at this hue with a template or graphic that is well-considered and ready to use. Check out our hanpicked design collection for this creative summer:

Summer Grainy Gradient Texture

Vector Backgrounds in Sunbaked Mint

Mint & Gold – Flower Clipart

Minted Mood / Font Duo

Mint & Gold Floral Patterns

Pastel Mint 4 Lightroom Preset Pack

Mint Rose Gold Stock Photo Bundle

Blush & Mint Graphic Collection

Forest Watercolor Leaves

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