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Disney Redesign “20th Century Fox” without (Fox)

Disney bought "20th Century Fox" last year, acquiring a huge library of film classics going back about 85 years.

(Image credit: 20th Century Studios)

The last movie to be released under “20th Century Pictures” before being bought by Fox was 1935’s “The Call of the Wild”. The first movie to be released under “20th Century Studios” after being bought by Disney is 2020’s “The Call of the Wild” starring Harrison Ford.

“20th Century Fox” is an iconic name in the movie industry. It’s the studio behind some of the biggest cinematic blockbusters in living memory, including Star Wars, Avatar, Titanic and, of course, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and its unmistakable searchlight logo and accompanying fanfare is a familiar sight to any film lover. But as of now, 20th Century Fox is no more.

Disney bought 20 Century Fox with the full pack of well know films collection together with the best logos around, Disney felt that the studio simply wasn’t performing as well as it did in its glory days. And so the brand’s had a makeover, renamed as “20th Century Studios” with a new logo to match, first spotted on a poster for The New Mutants.

20 years on, though, and Disney’s decision to lose the ‘Fox’ bit of the name but keep the ’20th Century’ bit seems just a little obtuse. Arguably ‘Fox’ is the more identifiable bit of the brand, although it’s fair to say that there are other media brands that share the Fox name, so Disney may well be taking steps to disassociate its studio from the likes of Fox News, which Disney has nothing to do with.

(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

The 20th Century Studios logo itself is almost identical to the previous 20th Century Fox logo. It’s the same high-contrast black and white look, and the only real difference is that the word ‘Fox’ has been replaced by the word ‘Studios’. If you saw it in the corner of a movie poster then you’d barely notice the change. (said

You can see the new logo version at the end of this little compilation video:

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