Current date:September 27, 2022

Durex Innovate It’s Logo and Presents a “Sex Positive” Campaign

Called One Night Sans, the new typeface underpins the rebrand, which includes a logo refresh and a more inclusive approach to photography.

Durex, one of the world’s biggest condom manufacturers, has shooted up a new brand identity designed by Havas London and Design Bridge, in a bid to position itself as an activist championing the “positive reality” of sex.

The rebrand features a flattened and tweaked version of the logo and a new typeface developed by Colophon Foundry.

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Havas London developed the strategy, visual identity and positioning, while Design Bridge was responsible for creating the new packaging and on-pack logo. “Positionally, we wanted to present a clear and honest brand that needed to talk about some the most sensitive issues in peoples’ lives,” Havas London head of design Lorenzo Fruzza tells It’s Nice That. “We needed a brand mark that behaved like a stamp of authenticity and trust, and the previous glossy, gradient-filled logo felt like the wrong tone for the updated brand.”

Image credit: Durex

“The logo and lozenge are two elements from the old world that we wanted to bring forward, both being symbols of product quality and trust,” says Fruzza. Purposefully putting the lozenge at the core of the identity allows us to have a brand signature that evokes that trust, while also becoming a platform that doesn’t get in the way of the messages we need to tell.”

We love the cleaner look. Havas says it “needed a brand mark that behaved like a stamp of authenticity and trust”, and the new, less glossy logo certainly makes us feel nice and safe (pun intended).

Image credit: Durex

According to the 91-year-old company, the rebrand came after research from it 2017 Global Sex Survey that found most people have an unrealistic view of sex, much of it driven by what we see online.

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