Current date:December 7, 2022

Flat Logo’s Burst the Auto Industry

Many of the car company's doing changes in their branding in past year and most of them choice a flat style and we guess, that's not wrong decission.

Some of the crazy people think, that the earth is flat and we know all that isn’t. But the auto companies have sure made it feel that way. We presenting for you a some car brands changing their logo’s to a new flat version and they are doing this very smart.

Toyota became the latest car company which has updated its brand guidelines with a new, flat logo in the past year in the small foot steps the same did BMW, Vokswagen and Nisan. Which will be the next tarpped in the same direction.. hmm will see?

The company’s European marketing and communications material will bear the new logo, which is the same as its old one, only without the chrome and 3D-esque shadows. But the company said not to expect changes to its fleet of vehicles.

BMW flattened their logo in march and in the present moment the criticts broke the horns to the fans who liked that style. Some felt, that the new designs came off as “cheap.” Jamie Kitman, an automobile writer, theorized that cost might have had something to do with the redesigns.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a cost element,” he said over email. “These flat jobs are likely cheaper and easier to make. When you’re in the business of cutting corners, no way you’re going to leave money on the hood-literally.” So why not a flat?

The ability to be visible in the new, digital world is precisely what pushed Volkswagen to update its logo as well. When speaking about the flat branding of this company the idea again, is to be more recognisable on digital media, aesthetically simple, but contemporary design.

Volkswagen’s Chief Designer, Klaus Bischoff told that a lot of customers are going to start interacting with their cars through phones and even smartwatches. And while the old logo had no place being on a smartwatch, the new one did! Easy as it is.

Nissan Aiya Concept by Nissan

A new Nissan logo joins the flat design party. It is taking a cue from the German brands with reports that the company has filed multiple patents for this new logo.

Instead of a metal-looking badge, the new logo shows a flat and narrow black line and curve but instead of enclosing the name “Nissan” in a full circle, two semicircles are seen on top and below the brand name which is now in serif font, with the edges of the circle drawn into lines that seem to emphasize the first and the last letter N. The effect is marvelous.

And the latest car company enjoy the flat world is a Toyota – a Japanese company with actually cleaner and simpler logo as you can see from the render above. They remove its old 3D design, fully flattened, leaving just a simplified 2D emblem made up of three overlapping ovals.

This change, according to Toyota, was an acknowledgement that the brand’s visual recognition amongst European consumers, meaning it no longer needs to plainly state its name to be identified.

Mini Flat Logo by Dezeen

Over time, since Apple’s shift in 2013, we’ve seen brands flatten their logos for adaptability-on screens and in print, on cars and on app icons. MINI flattened its logo in 2015. Citroën updated its logo in 2016. Audi made the shift a year later in 2017.

And that’s not all. Some other well known companys like Pizza Hut or Taco Bell flatening their logos as well.

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