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25+ Most Wanted Free Adobe Illustrator Brushes

In this post, we’re sharing a collection of handpicked free to use Adobe Illustrator brushes in various categories.

If you need to expand your design with brushes, here we have gathered more as 25 most wanted free Adobe Illustrator brushes. Just look to them, they are all free and in premium quality, so you can make your design much more better with these Illustrator brushes without any doubts.

Keep scrolling down to explore the collection and be sure to download all the Adobe Illustrator brushes and you will be surprised. Keep a good mood and enjoy.

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80+ Watercolor ProBrushes for Adobe Illustrator

This professional Adobe Illustrator brush set contains 83 high quality handmade watercolor, ink brushes intended for professional designers, illustrators and artists.

Free Memento Illustrator Brushes

Shading is one of the most time-consuming tasks of digital illustrations. But, with this set of Illustrator brushes, you’ll be able to cut that work in half.

Free Japan Watercolor Brushes for Illustrator

This collection of beautiful Illustrator brushes feature a set of watercolor brushes inspired by Japanese designs. It includes both paint and calligraphy brushes that are perfect for creative artists and illustrators.

Free Essential Vector Brushes for Illustrator

Inside this collection you will find 150 high quality hand drawn brushes that bring you an organic hand painted feel to your projects. They are great for using in illustrations as well as separate design elements.

Free Pack of 24 Marker Pen Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Authentically sourced from real pens, these cool 24 brushes provide a variety of nib styles and sizes, ranging from thin outlining strokes to thick and messy scribbles.

Free Preppy Art Illustrator Brushes Kit

Made from real paint strokes, this hand drawn free kit of paint brushes for Illustrator is a must-have for every designer and artist. It includes 29 brushes in vector format with textures inspired by designs from the 1960s.

Free Sample from Patts Brush Collection

This Patts Brush collection is a premium Adobe Illustrator brush pack. You can download a free sample to testing the brushes and use for your personal projects.

Free Marker Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

This free brush pack has a simple yet bold design that will capture the attention of your customers from the start. Its thick stroke font will make your text stand out immediately. Use this brushes to create incredible typography projects in Adobe Illustrator.

30 Free Vintage Shading Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Give your illustrations an old touch. These brushes feature a variety of hand-drawn line patterns in horizontal, vertical, diagonal and cross-hatched orientations that can be used to apply shading to your digital drawings.

12 Free Wax Crayon Effect Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Unlike typical art brushes that stretch to fit, these have been made to repeat along a path for a more realistic appearance. Apply the brushes to strokes, or paint directly with the brush tool to add irregular outlines to your artwork.

Free Vector Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

These free vector brushes for Illustrator offer a quick way to add vintage effects to your designs.

Free Floral Pattern Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

This free floral brushes for Illustrator will impress any audience. Its floral themed designs with definitely add creativity and flair to your next project.

131 Free Hand Drawn Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Super detailed and realistic paint brushes for Adobe Illustrator. They are effective and super easy to use. Every measure was taken to ensure that the quality of these brushes remained at their highest throughout every stage.

Free Paint Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

This collection of free Illustrator Paint Brushes will produce an authentic look of brush effect on your design. You can use this free add ons for drawing, background, lettering, etc.

Free Wax Crayon Brushes for Illustrator

In this collection you will get 40 chunky texture brushes for native are and more. The brushes you will receive thin perfect for outlines, chunky for filling large areas, and standard for general all-purpose texture brushes.

Free Ink Brushes for Illustrator

Perfect for digital drawing and special effects inside Adobe Illustrator. Contains different strokes and styles. Download and use these brushes for your drawings, prints, effects or any kind of work.

Flow Brushes for Adobe Illustrator + Free Download

This free brush has a clean modern style for contemporary illustrations. To use it you will need to do is choose the right brush and begin drawing dynamic no-stretch lines very easily.

Small Wonders Free Texture Illustrator Brushes

It is a bundle of premium Illustrator brushes. But it also includes a free sample of the brush pack that includes a few texture brushes you can use in your personal design projects for free.

Free Vintage Banner Brushes for Illustrator

This is a very unique abstract Illustrator brushes that features a pack of banner brushes. These are perfect adding small banner icons and graphics to your artworks and designs.

Free Rope Brush for Illustrator

A perfect Illustrator brush featuring a rope-style texture design. This brush is perfect for adding borders and texture to different types of art and graphic designs.

Free Lipstick Vector Brushes for Illustrator

An Illustrator brush with a lipstick stamp it will serve as a great source when designing patterns and backgrounds for creative projects such as greeting cards and banners.

12 Free Brush Stroke Illustrator Brushes

The set contains a total of 12 brush strokes, all of which were made by hand, scanned in, and vectorized.

53 Free Oil Pastel Brushes Collection for Illustrator

This brush pack includes loads of different shapes, sizes, textures, smudges and scribbles. In other words, this pack has a brush for every drawing challenge.

Free Smoke Toolkit 2 Extra

Extra bundle to premium Smoke Toolkit 2 with new templates, smoke shapes, elements & backgrounds.

24 Free Vector Dry Brush Stroke Illustrator Brushes

This great pack of 24 dry brush stroke brushes if you’re working on a design project that needs a distressed look. Each brush stroke can be used as a standalone graphic or applied with the Brush or Pencil tool.

How to Add Brushes to Adobe Illustrator

Adding brush packs in Illustrator is easy. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. First, make sure to extract all the files in the downloaded ZIP file
  2. Then locate the .AI file that contains all the brushes
  3. Open the Illustrator app and go to the Window Menu and to Brush Libraries > Other Library
  4. Now browse to the folder where your downloaded .AI brush library file is located and open it
  5. That’s it!

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