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18 Creative Free CSS Accordions

Are you ready to do some easy coding and bring life to your website with these CSS accordion designs? Just look what we have prepaired for you.

Add easily these creative CSS accordions to your website without any coding skills required. Here we have selected HTML, CSS files that are smartly coded with a clean structure and responsive design. Just copy the HTML code to the HTML file and the CSS code to the stylesheet, and you are ready to use these accordions. Free for personal and commercial projects.

Web Designers use the concept of expandable and collapsible lists to make large sections of content into a more compatible readable section. The most widely used accordion menu designs found in modern websites are erticaland hosizontal. In simple terms, accordions on a website just show and hide content. Enjoy!

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Flat Accordion

Nice and colorful accordion design to add to your website design.

Demo & Download

Collapsing Accordion Pure CSS

This simple accordion menu is made with pure CSS and HTML code with no Javascript to trigger anything.

Demo & Download

Pure SCSS Accordion Tabs

These accordion tabs can be very helpful for your website. Copy-paste the code, and you are done.

Demo & Download

FAQ Accordion CSS

The CSS style is simple and easy to integrate. It uses a toggle switch function for expanding the tab list.

Demo & Download

Swanky Little Accordion List

By clicking the tab menu, it opens the content and keeps it open until it is clicked again. This CSS expand collapse list acts like a toggle switch.

Demo & Download

CSS + HTML Only Accordion Element

Simply yet beautiful accordion for your needs in css and html integration.

Demo & Download

Accordion FAQ

Clean and modern FAQ accordion design to add to your website in easy way.

Demo & Download

Simple SASS/jQuery Accordion

Add accordion to your website without any hastle by using jQuery feature.

Demo & Download

CSS Responsive Animated Accordion

Simple animated accordion for your modern website. Easy integration with just some clicks.

Demo & Download

Smooth Accordion Dropdown Menu

Good shot for your website an accordion with dropdown menu. Easy integration and useful for your needs.

Demo & Download

jQuery Basic Menu List Accordion

If you need something easy and clean for your website, then this jQuery accordion can be your favorite.

Demo & Download

Accordion in Vanilla Js with CSS Transition

Absolutely amazing accordion to play around and add to your website. Easy integration.

Demo & Download

Pure CSS Tabs

This css tab menu can be integrated onto your website with ease . One of the fluid css tabs with no jquery or javascript we have founded.

Demo & Download

Horizontal CSS Tab Menu

Another interesting tab menu with added images and icons with additional styles and interest to the viewer. This download includes no jQuery as the code is designed with pure CSS and html elements.

Demo & Download

Pure CSS Horizontal Accordion

Take a CSS3 approach and use elements instead of images. A nice addition to your website.

Demo & Download

Pure CSS Accordion

Awesome horizontal animated tab menu for your website needs. Easy integration.

Demo & Download

Bootstrap 4.1 FAQ Tabs and Accordions

A combination of vertical and horizontal styles for content management or admin dashboard.

Demo & Download


jQuery accordion with easy integration and nice shot for your website needs.

Demo & Download

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