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30 Best Free Fonts on Font Squirrel You Must Have

In this amazing post we will be taking a close look to Font Squirrel and 30 best free fonts you must have from this great portal.

Finding the correct fonts for your printed or online ventures without paying charges can be troublesome. That is especially the case when you are time-limited to finish your project. But for a fortune you must look to these nice free serif, sans-serif or script fonts for your design project to finish the last shtrichs or you can use them from the start to the end.

What is Font Squirrel?

One of the best sites or platforms to find free fonts of good quality is Font Squirrel. The collection of free fonts here is massive, and you can find any font for your own needs. To help you locate the best free fonts, we have found them for you and collected them in this article.

Remember, every font on this list is 100% free. We have collected some of the best fonts for any purpose. Whether you are looking for scripts, serifs, sans-serifs, or any style, we have you covered. Here are 30 best free fonts that you can find and instant download from Font Squirrel.

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Roboto manages to combine geometrical shapes and a friendly, simple vibe. This is done with open curves, and putting them into a rigid form. The Roboto font is very popular due to its high readability, and a very good versatility that allows it to be useful in many ways. You can download it for free from Font Squirrel now.


There is a lot that you can get with this download, from the old-style numerals to the alternate forms and letters. This makes it a complete font with something for anyone in the package. The old-style package contains a more standard ligature, while the alternative is more stylish and quite different from the classic package.

Great Vibes

The greatest thing about this font is its elegance – the letters and forms flow very fluently and effortlessly, which makes for a great font.

Bebas Neue

Originating from the original BebasNeue font, this sans-serif font is a very popular font amongst the free fonts out there. It can be considered as the king among the free fonts and has established itself as the Helvetica of free fonts. This new font combines the new weights with the traditions of the old font, which means that it remains slightly more elegant and classy while also incorporating those new weights.

Alex Brush

This is a script font with unprecedented legibility and a touch of elegance, which makes this script font one of the best. On top of it, it is free to download.


The font contains 2300 and more glyphs, while also featuring support for more than 100 Latin languages, more than 50 Cyrillic-based languages and some other specific languages like Greek and the IPA language. The font, in general, is a combination of warmth and stability, combining several weights to achieve different results.


The good thing about this font is that it is quite versatile, despite its very unique look. Also, it has been expanded to the Cyrillic languages in 2017, which makes it even more viable.


You can get the standard edition of the font completely for free, and it can be used by up to 25 different users at the same time within your office or your household.

Source Sans Pro

This font is designed in such a way that it is pleasurable to read, especially in longer text passages. It is a sans-serif font with widths similar to gothic fonts, but this font manages to be much more pleasant than most of those fonts.


This font is especially based on the Alternate Gothic font, and it makes for great viewing. Although the style is similar to that font, the Oswald font features re-drawn characters from the original version and many little changes that make this font unique.


This font is one of his better fonts, and it is free to download. There are three styles to choose from with this font, and you can choose the styles for many different uses.


Allura font is quite a casual font, with many simplistic features. The greatest thing about it is the fact that it is highly legible, but still manages to retain some diversity with its different styles and ligatures. You can use it for advertising, display design, and packaging.

Grand Hotel

This font is based on the title of that movie; the font manages to retain a classic feel to it, and it can work wonders if you are looking for a font in holiday and bakery-themed projects.

Nexa Rust

The next free font on Font Squirrel is the Nexa Rust font. This font is also found on the Fontfabric Type Foundry, and it consists of several sub-families of the font – Sans, Slab, Handmade, and Extras. There are many font weights to experiment with, and the whole experience allows for a very satisfying and versatile use.

League Gothic

This open-source font is available on Font Squirrel completely for free and is based on the League Gothic font, which was originally based on the Alternative Gothic font. The basis of this font date all the way back to 1903, which makes it an established font in the font collection.

Black Jack

The Black Jack font is a brush script font that you can now download for free from Font Squirrel and use it in one of your projects.

Caviar Dreams

This wide geometric sans-serif font was designed by Lauren Thompson. It is inspired by some of the luxury fonts and prints from the 1980s, and it contains many different styles that can satisfy a wide range of tastes. It is perfect for both commercial and personal uses.

Dancing Script OT

This lively and energetic font is based on some fonts from the 1950s, like the Murray Hill font, and the Mistral font, from which it takes its lively character. The letters bounce around and the sizes differ, which makes for a very unique and energetic feeling. This font is free to download from Font Squirrel, and you can use it for your projects now.

Playfair Display

This font has been made with the help of steel pens. The font was also largely influenced by the changes that were made subsequently in print and technology, and is nowadays a very versatile font that you can use in many different ways. It is available for free on Font Squirrel.


This interesting font was created and designed first in 2016 by Laura Worthington and has since developed a lot as it receives constant updates. It contains more than 650 glyphs with 10 ligatures and 87 swashes. There are 8 alternatives to the font to choose from, which makes it even more appropriate for many uses.


This is a display font, and it is completely free to download on Font Squirrel now. It is a very friendly font with 6 different weights.


If you are looking for a futuristic feeling from your font, then this one is definitely for you. It does that while also keeping a very elegant feel to it. Exo has 9 different weights, and it works best for display means, but it can also be used as a text font and in smaller sizes.


This unconventional font features some interesting ligatures – they are made from an upright script, and it makes for an interesting, but very friendly font nonetheless.


A contemporary font, the Arizonia font features some free-flowing forms that are created by a hairbrush of a painter.

Museo Slab

This serif slab font is similar to some serifs, but also contains some features that make it quite unique; for one, the font is not as rounded as some other serifs, and some angles of this font are different from other regular serifs. Nevertheless, this font is an interesting one for sure, and it is available to be downloaded for free from Font Squirrel.

Code Pro

Inspired by Avantgarde and Futura fonts, the Code Pro font is a much more contemporary font compared to those two, and also very elegant. It goes straight to the point, but it manages to retain some elegance at the same time. It is great for many things – t-shirts, web print, motion graphics, and more.


Created by GemFonts, the Walkway font is known as a Webfont. It can be used for stunning websites and typography that are used within them.

Sofia Pro

There is a feeling of modernism with this font, but also of charm, harmony, and elegance. It was first made in 2008 as a rework of the Sofia font. It now has more than 500 glyphs and support for many languages, making it one of the most popular fonts out there. There is no reason why you shouldn’t use it for your projects now, as it is completely free to download from Font Squirrel.

Fira Sans

This font has 3 widths and a big range of handsets, which makes it a very interesting and versatile font to use now.


There are 6 different styles to this font, more than 500 glyphs and support for many languages. It was created as freeware, which means that it is completely free for both personal and commercial uses. It was made in 1999 by Bernd Montag, and it is still very much valid today.

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