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Open Source Icons for Designers and Developers (Free to Use)

Best places to get these awesome and modern open source icons for your design project.

Well-designed icons can be the path to success in using them in your designs. Open source icons are used successfully and meet the standards of various designs, by the way are very modern.

In this post we have gathered a collection of sites where you can get free open source icons for your project without any doubts, the they lack of quality as most of them was created by professional designers and no matter that they are free, they are unique and waiting to be downloaded.

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With 4500+ icons to choose from, this library includes social icons, stock, icons from product sites, and more!

700+ CSS Icons

With 700+ UI icons available, you’ll find everything you need to build a complete design system.


With glyphs icons, you’ll have access to thousands of icons and they’re all fully editable. You get 1500+ glyphs icons that are categorized and easy to use.


It’s completely free to use and download, so it doesn’t require any kind of login or email address for non-commercial use. The library has over 1000 icons from which you can choose.

Fork Awesome

Designed for easy use on the web, they’re a fast and convenient modern complement to traditional design best practices, including simplicity, typography, usability for all, and accessibility.


The set consists of a large number of icons, with variations so that they can be ready for any project that arises.

Remix Icon

There are more than 2271 open source icons in all, with icons for a range of purposes.

Phosphor Icons

There are more than 4000 icons in Phosphor, all with a consistent style and scale. It has an extensive icon library, and it’s completely free and open-source; this kind of detail is what makes it so special.

Eva Icons

It is a pack of more than 480 beautiful, organic, pixel-perfect, open source icons for common actions and items.

System Uicons

It is a growing collection of simple, consistent icons that are designed in various sizes and formats. The library has 500 plus icons free to use for your design.


Here are beautiful hand-crafted SVG icons free to use for your design. The pack incude 230+ icons, with even more on the way.

CoreUi Icons

Here are a free, open-source icon set, which features over 1500 icons in multiple formats including SVG, PNG, and Webfonts.

Mono Icons

It is the perfect set of 177 icons for all your needs. It’s simple, consistent, and uniform, which is great for many different products.

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