Current date:December 9, 2022

GoDaddy’s New Logo Design Unveiled, Loses it’s Daddy

Hey guys! We have a good and bad news for the changes in GoDaddy’s logo design. Good is, that the change looks more clean and modern and a bad thing, that the daddy from the new logo forever lost. But it is not a tragedy also not a worse idea of replacement of daddy, they sealed the new symbol, upside-down version of the Airbnb logo. Ha, ha!

Evolution of Godaddy’s logos. Credit to:

GoDaddy’s new logo, named the “GO,” is a joyful reflection of how GoDaddy celebrates everyday entrepreneurs from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures, and how GoDaddy brings together humanity and technology to serve them like no other do.

GoDaddy’s Logo Evolution Took Two Years, The Head Gone!

In 2018 they removed the daddy’s floating head, saving the recognizable green color for the company’s name, written in sans serif. That was okay… except for the company’s main spirit loss. GoDaddy logo had a memorable mascot they could do something about but they’ve given it up in exchange for something new. Long afterward they’ve decided to relaunch the company’s perception by introducing a new logotype – a heart-shaped GO, supporting the encouraging “do what you love” slogan.

The sans-serif font was granted at the new logo design with a new colour solution. When we going to react on the typographic side of the logo, it is clean, bold and looks nicely in all responsive devices. Maybe that’s the last logo change for all time?

Brand New Design and Hot Illustrations of All Kind

Heads up gys! With the brand new logo and look, GoDaddy unveils their beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of all kind situations. This amazingly suits for the graphic trends of 2020 with a reign of the human approach.

Credit to:

The Homepage Redesign

Along with the new logo they also revamped the brand new website design to appeal to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Though it’s mainly been known for domain registration (the company has 19 million customers and has 77 million registered domains, which is over 20 percent of the world’s total), the company now offers website-building services and templates to compete with hosting and design services like Squarespace and Wix.

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So, you like it or hate, but the new changes brings more innovative things to the every customer experience with the company. Keep up GoDaddy!

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