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17 Graphic Design Trends for 2022

Do we know everything down to the last detail? Are we looking for something unique where fantasy play is possible? These graphic design trends for 2022 are for all designers who strive for perfection.

We assume that you are very busy in design and do not have time to be interested in all the graphic design trends on a daily basis, so we are here to find all the points of these 2022 trends for graphic design in one place.

We have carefully identified and focused all the time, we are constantly working in this field and looking for the best things, so in this post we will reveal to you as many as 17 graphic design trends that will leave every designer in the lurch.

Once upon a time, various design trends were not so deep and vague, so there was no difficulty in predicting them, but nowadays trends change much faster and are very difficult to detect, so we think that with a lot of work it is possible to reveal all colors and combinations and good the mood that will accompany you in this moment.

This year’s (17) graphic design trends:

Trend 1: All Geometric Fields

We’ve been seeing this creative trend for years and it’s not something that could get you off your feet. However, the geometry in graphic design is constantly changing, along with the nostalgia of the 90s in design is the most recent trend this year.

Adding a little more shadows, brushes, shapes and flower buckets will make this design truly the epitome of perfection. And here you can see the amazing beauty in this design example which is a top-notch for the year of 2022.

Image by

Trend 2: Going Back to the 1990s

When we go towards a goal at great intervals, sometimes we have to stop and think about whether we missed something, that something unique and unseen, so this year is a very important trend to go back to the 1990s, when retro styles prevailed in today’s design. Those amazing bright colors and patterns, a period of disco style pleasures, all fit into one description.

There was no serious design trend or definition in those days, but that nostalgia, it unites us and we think we can create modernism in this period and add a handmade, non-electronic edge to a super high-end design without a doubt. To help you with the designers a bit, stop by this image and think, get some ideas.

Image by Magui Rivarola

Trend 3: Hand-Drawn Elements

We are seeing a more and more popular trend to create designs with our own hands. Tools like the iPad help expand this species, and programs like Procreate can make you the best drawing professionals, even if you don’t have much experience in it.

Hand-drawn designs are especially compatible with graphic designs and are widely used in the creation of icons, logos, web design and so on. You can be sure that this trend will continue for some time and become almost the most coveted.

Image by

Trend 4: Proven Minimalism

There was a period when designers weren’t so knowledgeable and used a lot of colors, inconsistent elements, chaotic scenes, but this mess came to an end. Minimalism began in the Scandinavian countries and is now widely used in any design.

If you are going to create a minimalist design, you need to keep in mind that you need to be consistent, with some repetition and key accents to be seamless. There should be no more than three objects or elements in one design. The process itself must be compatible with each other. Don’t use bold lettering and bold lines, bright colors, titles without huge letters as they hurt your design. If you notice or search for similar designs online for inspiration this will be an important step in your graphic design business.

Image by

Trend 5: Playful Typography Gets More Vibrant

You may think that playful fonts are only used in children’s books, flyers, posters or other magazines. This type of font is quite new in graphic design trends and makes typography even more interesting. It only takes a little imagination, freedom in your ideas and more than one will admire your designs.

This font type can be used in conjunction with other amazing fonts to mix and duplicate, doodle your designs. Playful doesn’t mean it’s animated, but it’s increasingly being used by video makers as well. Agreeing with the typography is tricky, but discovering the hottest spots can do a lot of fun.

Image by

Trend 6: Ecology & Nature Converge

Many of the civilized world are confronted with ecology in one way or another, so this important topic for everyone due to global warming is moving into the trend of graphic design as a normal thing to do everything sustainably. We want to emphasize that sustainability is what we strive for in our design projects, which can be not only dear to the eye, but also an example to the design society.

Natural colors are taken simply from nature given to us. Let’s dive into the fantasies of when we loved nature and think about what we could create on the subject. Eco and sustainability are felt everywhere, such as in grocery stores, everywhere you need designer help to create logos, descriptions, labels and more, this is just a trend that has been gaining popularity for a long time and will be especially important and needed in the future.

Image by

Trend 7: Striking Neon Backgrounds

The background colors change every year, so designers have to adapt to these trends because otherwise it will be difficult to catch what is on the wave today. Pastel shades, bold colors, or neon colors will become even more popular if you create a comprehensive design together and not just a background. It is interesting that this year’s color trends are both pale and extremely bright.

Neon backgrounds can be used to design a variety of products, let’s say we want to highlight the attention of a beverage can, the can itself is reflective plus the addition of a neon background and some provocative strokes can turn into an amazing futuristic advertisement or banner that will attract attention without a doubt.

NFT Marketplace by Outcrowd

Trend 8: Glass, Crystals and Splendors

People have been interested in various crystals, diamonds since ancient times, so this has shifted to graphic design trends this tiger year. And without a doubt it is beautiful, stylish, when creating a design with the help of 3D, the result is exceptional and very charming.

We’re going to see more of these transparent attributes that complement the holographic and 3D trends, realistic frost glass backgrounds, and more. This leads to the fact that we will see these absolutely valuable designs in the future as well. They will be used not only in graphic design but also in web design, prints, presentations.

Violet Ver.2 by Standpoint

Trend 9: Art Deco Aesthetics

Probably many people know that the art deco style is something so extravagantly widely used in interior design, but it is increasingly penetrating into graphic design as well. Geometric, linearity, and angular forms characterize art deco design.

These art deco styles are very illustrative from the vintage style to modernism. This trend is used within decades and is relevant to today’s trends. In terms of imagery, simple forms and large areas of solid color are the main meaning of art deco style. The image below shows a modern font created in the style of art deco and that there is room for this trend to improve and we will see it in the coming years without a doubt.

Image by

Trend 10: Simplified Symbols Dominate

Simple is more memorable. Many world-class brands have upgraded their logos to be more suitable in the modern age, they have become more flatten to make them more flexible for smaller digital uses as well. Flat design is coming back into this year’s graphic design trends and will be used even more than ever before.

A good, simple wordmark itself can have strong power, so simplicity is unmatched this year. A great symbol can contain more unique personality, carry rich metaphors and deliver meaningful references for a brand. it is not a minimalism, it is a separate genre in graphic design whose style is not the least, but the simplest. Take a look at the image below and you will see the differences in modernity.

Image by Nissan/Future Owns

Trend 11: Grunge Reborn

After years of forgotten grunge design, it is reborn and gives inspiration and charm to a new generation of designers. This style has been widely used in the distant past and during this period it can be combined with 1990s designs and strangely enough it is used even in the cleanest designs such as wedding invitations, postcards, branding, flyers, apparel fashion and others.

Grunge, distortion, dirt is not a phenomenon, but a new reality that needs some attention. Not all designs have a connection to this style, but if you decide to use it with a combination of some elements you may benefit.

Street Art by Carlos Santos DG

Trend 12: Enchanting Graphics in Motion

Nowadays, we all live in a bit of a digital world, so static graphics are becoming more obsolete and motion graphics are taking their place to grab our attention. All that is moving is exciting and at the same time intriguing to create something even better.

We love watching modern TV and sometimes we watch commercials that are, in fact, in motion. The world of the internet is becoming more and more animated, be it videos or gifs. Everything that moves people is interesting, so graphics in motion are taking part in that market and this trend is becoming more popular.

Trend 13: 2D & 3D Mashup Characters

3D characters in design are still on the wave and we’ve been watching them for many years in a row, while the 2D comeback has surprised many, but it’s a trend that will be prevalent this year when mixed together.

The mixed styles of 2D and 3D have revived as a new phenomenon in the design space. In this way, they gain pragmatism and momentum to move forward. This mashup brings together the freedom and authenticity of 2D illustrations and the sense of realism in 3D illustrations.

Adorable stag character by Amir Baqian

Trend 14: Interactive Data Visualization

Interactive realistic visualization takes the place in our top trend list and designers are taking data visualization techniques to a whole new level. Say hello to interactivity! Various holograms or modern infographics now look much more vivid and require new design wisdom to make them to a place where they must be.

Various design appendices, shades, 3D elements, pop-up images eliminate everything to a great interactive data visualization. Whether this is the realm you need will only show you time, because what is new is not immediate. Just follow the trends.

AR Hotel Finder Exploration by Fandhitya Giovani

Trend 15: Neumorphic Style

A trend that has visited our top again from last years is the Neumorphic style prominent design with no levels. We all want to update our designs in the most interesting perspective possible, so this style is one of the most controversial ideas for your design projects.

Neumorphism marries the two concepts, skeuomorphism, and material design. It implements a minimalist approach while giving a sense of 3-dimensions in the form of buttons and other elements.

Various apps, UX & UI elements, user interfaces, icons, mobile apps and others do not do without Neumorphic style. So you can boldly find out what makes it special and learn to do things that fit Neumorphism.

Neumorphic UX UI Elements by Emy Lascan

Trend 16: Special Monochrome Effects

Modern designers experiment many times and invent new ways to make the design as special as possible. Monochrome effects are one of the discoveries that are not of great value, but are reflected in the results. As a derivation of a two-color trend of 2017, monochrome effects are becoming increasingly popular among graphic designers.

Feel and let your fantasies be created, and monochrome effects are best suited for web designs, various brochures, invitations and so on. If you want to achieve perfection with this trend, don’t play with colors as you don’t need them.

Illustrations Project by Konstantin Reshetnikov

Trend 17: Bright Psychedelic Design

An abstract psychedelic design is a technique of graphic design that originates from drug use and social unrest. Artists used to consider this art style an opening of minds, hence a gap with traditional art. Most of these designs are chaotic and frivolous, where you can imagine doing as you get without any adjustments.

The peculiarity of most of these designs is the very bright colors, such as when from various intoxicants appear in the minds of these artists. This style is great for painters where the brush can be used to express your feelings. Interesting creation.

Psychedelic Character Explorations by Roberlan Borges Paresqui

You don’t have to pick all the trends

Each of us is different, the needs are different, so it’s best to pick the ones that work best for you and stick to the work that the design you create will bring you the most success. We hope this will be something you can hook up with in your work.

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