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35+ Frightening Horror Fonts to Download

Create your scarry design by using these horror fonts with a passion.

Sometimes we need to be scared so that later it subsides and we feel good again. So this time we present a collection of horror fonts that will really scare you and add some spice to your design, whether it’s Halloween or a horror movie, these amazing scary fonts must be in your portfolio.

All these cool horror fonts have been crafted by professional designers and are in the best quality no matter it is free or premium item. Feel free to download them from the list below and we hope that you like our selection. Feel a good mood and enjoy.

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Nightcore – Emo Horror Font

This font has aggressive brush strokes that creates that screamo display of your designs. Ideal for movie covers, titles, posters, Halloween designs and etc.

Terrasick – Horror Brush Typeface

It is a rough brush font so good for frightening designs such as logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards, product packaging, headers, logotypes, letterhead, posters and etc.

Darkstein – Horror Font

It is a horror, scary, playful and halloween font, perfect for your halloween party poster or some scary designs such as movie, documenter, film, logos, posters, game, book covers and etc.

Sorm Fighter Font

It is a slanted freestyle blackletter font with progressive advantages that is gothic, mysterious, brave, classic. Perfect for horror themes, tattoos, shirt designs and etc.

Mustkill – Vintage Horror Font

This font comes with angry and nightmare feelings. It’s perfect for a posters, branding, logos, book covers, or Halloween promo.

Midnight Terror – Horror Font

This font has powerful and solid stroke brush styles that speak to the instant nightmare sensations when you place them into your horror design project such as movie titles, covers, posters and etc.

Deep Horror Font

A scary font inspired by old horror movies.Very interesting to use for logos, name tags, handwritten quotes, product packaging and etc.

Jacmax – Horror Font

It is display font with horror and scary style. It has unique design taste that we combine with decorative horror style. Perfect for movie posters, lettering on cover books, album music covers and etc.

Sacriface Horror Font

It is a cool and horror looking display font. Perfect for horror design like halloween or movie horror poster.

Neck Romancer Font (Free)

A vampyric font that has everything to create a horrow design such as posters, movie covers, titles and etc.

Grotesque BRK Font (Free)

Outstanding horror lettering font so good for your scary designs such as Halloween, covers, posters, flyers and etc.

Death Valley Font (Free)

It is a creative free font with a horror touch so good going for titles, covers, posters, flyers, packaging and etc.

Chilling Sabrina Font (Free)

Amazing free for commercial use horror font perfectly suits for your designs such as horror movie, covers, posters, Halloween theme and etc.

Tarantula Horror Font (Free)

Inspired by spiders and cobwebs, free Tarantula horror font is a weird and thin Halloween-themed display font that will add a quirky feel to any craft.

Stranger Creature – Horror Style Display Font

It is a horror style display font inspired from horror thriller movies. This font suits well for Logos, quotes, apparel, comic, cover books, cards, posters and etc.

Bloody Scary Font

It is a scary style font so ideal for designs such as posters, flyers, covers, magazines, packaging and etc.

Fright – A Horror Display Font

Create outstanding horror design with this font. Perfect for designs such as branding, television, logos, packaging, bands, videos and etc.

Wicked – Horror Font

It is an fun, scary, and amazing horror font style. It will add a unique and stunning look to your designs such as fantasy games, children horror story book, logos, branding, advertising and etc.

Beastman – Fantasy Horror Font

An outstanding fantasy horror font so good for logos, branding, modern advertising designs, cartoons, animations, kid books, posters and etc.

Death Stinger – Halloween Horror Font

It is a horror fantasy hand-lettered font that working great for any design needs such as logos, branding, modern advertising designs, poster quotes and etc.

Reondela – The Horror Movie Font

The horror movie font so good going for logos, name cards, magazine layouts, invitations, headers, movies, cinema or even large-scale artwork.

Black House – Horror Display Font

It’s a nice horror display font ideal for many kind of designs such as logos, badges, logotypes, fashion, horror, invitations, posters, halloween, advertising and etc.

Another Danger – Horror Font

Splatter your creative with this cool horror font which are the best for posters, covers, titles, flyers and etc.

Horror – Bold Scary Font

Crafted specially to make your design stand out and have scary-feel with more funny shapes and enjoy to explore. Perfect for halloween, posters, covers, titles and etc.

Noveld Horror Brush Font

A collection of brush fonts with a mysterious and horror impression, suitable for text in illustrations, logos, headlines, master signs, posters, halloween party and etc.

Chemical Machines – Horror Font

Never limit yourself and go beyond the unexplored. You can use this font for a monochromatic illustrations or intermix it with modern touches of gradient text effects.

Storm Gust – Horror Font

A horror font with rough and bold letters. It’s great for logos, branding, print projects and any attention drawing headlines.

Freaky Story – Creepy Font

It is a condensed serif with horror & creepy vibes. Ideal for many kind of designs such as halloween, posters, covers, flyers and etc.

OutHill – Horror Font

It is a raw, eerie, and mysterious typeface, inspire by demonic exorcise movie and game which hype recently. The fonts are perfect for projects like scrapbooking, books, branding, posters, invitations, greeting cards and etc.

Halloween Night / Nightmare Typeface

It is a bold and horror display font. Expertly designed to make your creation look out of this world, this font has the potential to take your creative ideas far further. Perfectly fit for your horror designs.

Scary and Spicy – Horror Font

An amazing horror font for your design projects such as posters, movie titles, fast food menu, magazines, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media pages and etc.

Creaphy Font + Bonus

This font is handmade, with the aim that feels creepy, horror and mistery when applied into the design that relate to the horror movies, movie posters, poster loud music and etc.

Black Rose – Haunted Display Font

It is a unique display font. It features a spooky feel that makes it perfect for any project that requires a horror-themed. Use it for movies, flyers, posters, Halloween’s craftings and etc.

Ranzombie / Display Horror Font

It is a Halloween-style font, a horror font that can also be used to support a gothic design.

Gloomy Moomy Font

A handdrawn Halloween typeface with two styles so perfect for your design projects such as titles, logos, product packaging, branding projects, megazines, social media and etc.

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