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How to Correctly Write Texts for Websites to Get Good Positions in the Search

Everyone has appreciated the importance of clever content marketing for a long time. The role of quality content is growing more and more, and good texts are always needed. Fortunately, great but not too informative articles, and keywords, were in the past.

What matters now is not the quantity but the quality of the material. It must take into account the needs of the target audience, respond to users’ questions, and help solve their problems.

Five sensible, well-written, and designed articles can give traffic more than dozens of middle texts. If you need some professional help with the content – find some writing services like Essay Assistant, so you know you are covered on that point.

The topic will go about writing the text for the sites, getting the growth of positions, visibility of your resource in the search, and development of its involvement.

Competently Select the Topics and the Semantic Core

If analytics shows the “dislike” of search engines to pages of your site, it is necessary to work on its updating. And the first step – is the selection of keywords relevant to the subject matter of the web resource, i.e., the creation of the semantic core. They must be the most accurately characterized type of goods or services offered. Following the link, you can learn more about why it is essential to create a semantic core correctly and how to do it correctly.

Another important step – is the choice of topics for writing articles. To find the most relevant, you can rely on these methods:

  • Brainstorm. It is necessary to record topics or clusters of themes that come to mind. It is desirable to do this before analyzing the competitors. It is important not to copy what they have but to try to hunt down the lost ground.
  • Analysis of competitors. For this purpose, you can use different services, such as,,, etc. They allow you to analyze someone else’s site and identify which of its pages appear for the most significant number of keys in the search. You can also find out what kind of requests are shown. It will be nice to go over competitors’ articles and text and read the comments. This will help them know what visitors are interested in and make their material more meaningful and relevant.
  • E-mail addresses. You can subscribe to several popular projects with similar themes. So you’ll be aware of popular topics.
  • Search suggestions. When you enter a series of search queries, the system, as a prompt, shows the most popular posts to other users with the same key. Also, pay attention to the block “This is what you are looking for. You can use special services to avoid going through the options manually.
  • Social networks. Unlike search engines, which consider a myriad of technical factors, the basis of thematic communities of social networks is the unconditional interests and behavior of creasers. An analysis of popular posts and conversations can give you many relevant ideas for generating content. Such posts and discussions can be found by hand (comments, likes, reposts) or with the help of special services.

Ideas are never plentiful, so it is essential to note everything interesting that you thought you saw or felt.

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Develop the Topic in Full

Nowadays, finding the information you need is not difficult when you can access the Internet from any smartphone. Web resources are swamped with all sorts of textual content. However, it is quite problematic to find a good one among them.

Propose an article to your audience, try to disclose the topic, and give answers to potential problems entirely. You can do this in these formats:

  • “Problem + Solution”: voice the target audience’s problem in the article and give recommendations on how to solve it, which works.
  • “A tool designed to…”: describe a method or tool that can be used skillfully to solve these or other tasks that concern the audience.
  • “Expert judgment”: only those in which you are well versed yourself should be analyzed. The incompetence of the author readers can quickly uncover, putting a couple of questions in the comments.

In one article, it is not worth being stirred up at once “on all fronts.” This does not allow you to open the topic and lead in the direction of the solution to the problem.

Structure the Content

During the ages of the marriage of information, the audience was ready to choose the truth from the “essence” of the text by the grain. But now, it is easier to spend a couple of twins on the transition from various Web resources rather than trying to think in unreadable. This is difficult even physically – no one wants to occupy your eyes for the first time. Below is an example of how not to design the text: Properly formatted text gives visual cues to the user and helps to understand whether there is necessary information and whether it is worth spending time to read it.

In the design of the text recommended to use these elements of formatting:

  • Headings and subheadings. When they are composed need to use keywords.
  • Marked and numbered lists. The structured text facilitates reading and understanding the information.
  • Readable font. Difficult font, especially color, means that the text is not legible.
  • The optimal length of speeches. The speech should not contain borrowed words, and the words themselves should be organized in the correct order. The text must be read smoothly, without “sporadic” in the middle of the speeches and the transition from one phase to another. Simple and compound addresses must be scribbled.
  • Literacy. Checking the text for the presence of grammatical, orthographic, stylistic, and other errors must be mandatory.

Speaking of text formatting, you should also mention illustrations, tables, graphs, photos, and other visual content. It also greatly facilitates the perception of information.

Complete and Improve Existing Articles

Do not forget about articles already published on the site. Google Search Console can get information about how your site is presented in the Google search results through the cost-free service. This will further optimize existing content. You can do it in several ways:

  • Repost. Republishing finished material on another platform – a post for social media, a list for distribution, Instagram posts, etc. You can link to the full version of the article, thereby getting more traffic.
  • Changing the format of the content. You can create an article from your speech at the conference, a podcast from your writing, a video from your podcast, or a webinar from your video.
  • Combining several materials into one big one. For example, a series of posts on social media can be used to create a meaningful long-read or a book from several articles.
  • A refresher on older articles. The blog, which has been maintained for a long time, can be joined by new users. For them, it’s worth announcing previously published articles on the other stake.
  • Update and improve old articles. Your skills in writing essays the sharpening, your outlook expands, and the requirements of search engines change.
  • Additions. Provide a list of ten articles, videos, and other content on similar subjects.
  • Guess the article is in the comments. If the audience asks for advice, you can give a reference to it in the discussion.
  • Work on SEO. Carrying out site audits, consultations with SEO facilitators, filling meta tags, and using keywords in the texts.

Forcing the existing content to work in a new way is more accessible, cheaper and faster than creating new ones. But it is essential if you have enough worthy materials.

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Hire Experts: Quality is More Important Than Quantity

This is especially true for highly specialized and not quite simple subjects. While for the users who do not go deep into the essence of the issue, it will be sufficient to publish the general provisions, for the experts, it is essential to prepare an extended version of the questions.

Writing an expert article can be a person who is a professional in this field. Thus, his services can cost expensive, and the job can be encountered and just a good copywriter, but one author’s name in some cases can significantly affect the rating.

Quality content – is an effective means of communication with the visitors to the site and a tool for interaction with the search engines. With the help of good text is very real to attract their attention and gain their trust by offering answers to the questions they are looking for.

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