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How to Design Your Own Business Card – a Complete Guide

If you're searching for the correct information on how to design your own business card, here is a good piece of article for you to know. Let's have a look...

A business card is an essential marketing tool for all types of businesspeople. Today we are going to give you a robust idea of its making. By the end, you will know how to design your own business card.

The fact is, it works for branding. The more you become familiar with your prospects, the more you increase the chance of doing business. Moreover, it raises your credibility.

So let us get into the details!


Research before you create

You had better go through the best business cards across different industries. At the same time, especially look at your own industry before you develop a business card for yourself.

It will be wise to take notes on what you like and dislike of your collection. Then try to create one that stands out from the competitors.

No compormise to basic design principles

As a paper-made printed matter, a business card should comprise the basic principles of paper-based design. These are as follows:

Having key copy a minimum of 5 mm from the trim edge

Making the business cards at 300dpi

Maintaining the apt size for typography

Designing in CMYK provided there is no use of spot colours

Learn about the difference in size

Let us add that the size of a typical business card is 55 x 85mm. However, it may vary from country to country, depending on the usual length of wallets. Have a look at the standards below:

European Standard: 3.346 × 2.165 in. (85 × 55 mm)

Oceania Standard: 3.54 × 2.165 in. (90 × 55 mm)

North American Standard: 3.5 × 2 in. (88.9 × 50.8 mm)

Whatever size you choose, always consider three crucial factors in sizing: the bleed area, trim line, and safety line.

Kepping consistency

Don’t you feel the necessity of being identical with whatever your business has? Don’t you think your business card should portray your brand?

You should. And for this, consider three things particularly, and these are:

Brand logo

Typography and

Colour scheme

These are the foundation of a brand identity. So it would help best if you ensured in designing your business card.

Take advantage of advanced printing

You must have seen that the traditional business cards are horizontal and rectangular. However, depending on the printing and designing excellence in Print Britannia, we are here to ensure that you can take super advantage of the Die-Cutting method to shape your business card. You can surely create something out of the box with this technique.

Apart from this, you can go for any technique if you want. And you can even choose an animal mascot shape to make it playful!

Be exceptional with materials

Apart from typical card stock, you can try out exceptional materials such as wood, slate, or any transparent materials. True, it would be a matter of affordability, but shouldn’t you miss the chance to become exceptional regarding this marketing tool. And the paper can be thin, thick, matte, or glossy.

However, you should not choose a material that makes a weighty business card simply because you will have to carry this wherever you go. Besides, the plastic you will use should be waterproof, transparent, and of course, long-lasting.

The insertion of contact details

This is the reason why you will make your own business cards, any doubt? So concerning this, the things you include and the way you matter a lot. You should customise a business card depending upon the profession or carrier you have. Nonetheless, there are some common things you should include, and these are:

The name of the business card holder

The name of the company or organisation

Job title



Phone number

Website URL

Social media link

QR code


A business card shows someone’s personality. So it would be best to illustrate that overall. And one thing you should consider in particular is the statement or slogan and its positioning. It represents your brand value and helps you become attractively different.

Prioritising special finishes

As a printer, we know the importance of special finishes in business cards. Such a finish or effect should be as appealing as durable. Here we will talk about four special finishes.


It will give your business card an engraving look. This type of effect presses letters down and ink the chosen colour at the same time. It turns your contact information into a gorgeous design that people can hardly overlook!


Do you want some three-dimensional reliefs on your business card? Then it would help if you chose this finish. It can create a raised image against the card background. You can either insert some words or other design elements to grab your prospect’s attention.

Spot UV coating

It is a technique to provide you with a clear and shiny effect, especially for those who want to create an eye-catching contrast in their business cards. You can apply this to definite areas.

Foil or hot stamping

This relief printing allows you to apply pre-dried ink or foils and gives the business cards a shiny, reflective flavour. It is the best finish to accent bold typefaces. You can either use this to the whole image or its particular portion.


On printing process

You can go for any of the printing processes below:

4-color offset: It is a full-colour printing process. We regard this standard in business card printing.

1- or 2-colour: Such limited use of colour ensures simplicity.

Foil ink: It uses metallic foil instead of ink.

Spot colour: In this technique, printers use pure or mixed ink to produce colour.

Some do’s and don’ts

It would be best if you never thought of a few pixels that creates nothing but a pixelated image

Ensure the logo and company name are bigger than 12pt font, and every font is above 8pt 

Keep the contact details editable that changes over the time 

To wrap up

Now you perfectly know how to design business card, don’t you? Yes! So it is time to customise your business card as you want; it is time to make it impressive and stand out from the crowd.

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