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How to Enable Auto-Update for WordPress Plugin or Theme

With WordPress 5.5 it's available to enable an auto-update to any theme or plugin.

WordPress 5.5 comes with some spectacular new features and one of it is the option to enable “auto-update” for plugins and themes. This can be a very useful feature and it will help with the security of the site also. In this short guide, let’s take a look at how to enable auto-updates for plugins and themes in WordPress.

The Explanation of Feature

In the previous versions of WordPress the problem was, that the user had to login to admin and then update the plugin and theme manually and for some users, this was a hassle (as it was a manual task).

Now with WordPress 5.5, there isn’t a need to manually update plugins and themes but this process has become automatic; provided you to enable the auto-update option in WordPress.

Enable Auto-Update for Plugins

Let’s learn how to enable this option. Login to your WordPress admin, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins Page. From here, for the plugin for which you want to enable the auto update, click on the button for “Enable auto-updates”.

Once you do this, it will show “Enabling” and then once the auto update is enabled, the option would change to “Disable auto-update”.

In case if you’d like to disable auto update for your plugin, you’d simply click on the “Disable auto-update” button.

Enable Auto-Update for Themes

If you’d like to enable auto update for theme, then go to Appearance > Themes page. Click on a “Theme Details” from this page, and then you’d see the option for “Enable auto-updates”.

It’s that easy to enable auto-update for WordPress themes and plugins. You can visit the same page to disable the auto-update in case if you change your mind. So, that’s easy peasy.

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