Current date:September 25, 2022

Internet Explorer Says Goodbye

The browser finally retiring, 27 years on.

Once upon a time, Internet Explorer was the only and best browser used by millions of users, but it so happened that the program was forgotten and unable to adapt so quickly to various innovations, and the advantage was others, but it will go down in the history of the online world.

Microsoft officially ended support for its Internet Explorer browser today, and in the coming months, you can expect it to be removed from your Windows 10 PC with an OS update.

Everyone who visits Internet Explorer is greeted by the note that this browser is retired and all visitors are asked to use another tool, Microsoft Edge, which is designed to be faster and more secure. The same browser also includes an “IE mode” for those who need to visit older websites that only support Internet Explorer.

An example of the redirect message Microsoft plans.

During the redirect process, users can also automatically import their favorites, passwords, and settings from Internet Explorer to Edge.

Microsoft launched Internet Explorer all the way back in 1995 and last updated the browser (to IE 11) in 2013. The tech giant has been steering users towards its replacement, Edge, for years. But now, Internet Explorer is finally being disabled, truly marking the end of an era. – says

“And of course, we have committed to supporting IE mode in Microsoft Edge through at least 2029,” Microsoft added.

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