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40+ Cute Kids Fonts for Funny Childish Designs

Kids fonts brings a passion feeling in your funny made designs.

Even though fonts are a serious business, they don’t always have to look serious. Sometimes you need something cheerful and playful for your design and for the help comes the kids fonts. These fonts have a versatile amplitude of styles, so you can always be an original in your design projects.

Whether you’re designing apparel, stationary, branding, or a children’s books, you’ll absolutely love these fun and playful kids fonts.

Today we have gathered a collection of more as 40 cute kids fonts for your investigation. Keep a good mood and enjoy them today.

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Free Cheese Burga Chubby Cute Font

Get ready for CheeseBurga, a display comic font like no other that introduces an all-caps selection, free and available for personal use.

Free Roligt – Scandinavian Kids Font

Roligt is a free Scandinavian style hygge kids font with a playful hand drawn style and decorative elements integrated into the letters. This font is perfect for creating fun poster designs, book covers and much more.

Yeti – Hand Drawn Font

I consider this a kid’s font because it’s adorable, but also it’s extremely easy to read. Because Yeti is hand drawn, you still get the wavers and slight unevenness for a gorgeous texture.

Childwood Typeface

Coming with both a normal and a rough version, Childwood is a typeface that was inspired by the textures of wood. The earthy feel of the font appeals to a child’s taste with its spirit and playfulness.

Free Unicorns Are Awesome Font

Unicorns are Awesome, which is a 100% true statement, is a dramatic, swirly font that looks hand written. The long lines and star accents make this free font one you’ll want to keep on hand.

Free Bulky Font

So cute and lovely even playful font for your design. Multiligual support. 100% free! Enjoy!

Free Airfool Typeface

This typeface comes with standard characters, symbols, numbers and Latin + Cyrillic alphabet as well. With its unique look, Airfool will work perfectly on poster, packaging, logotype, apparel, advertising and other display purposes as well.


Free playful and colorful all caps font for your unforgrtable design.

Free Wish Font

This beautiful free script font features unique wavy brush strokes that are inspired by nature. Use this fun font in your next project for branding, headers, apparel, posters, invitations and much more.

Free Zujal – Vector Font

Nice rounded free to use font for your kids typography design.

Twiddlesix Serif Font

Twiddlestix is a whimsical display font designed with an emphasis on fun. This irregular serif contains basic latin, extended latin, diacritics, punctuation, and kerning. The lowercase characters display some variants to their uppercase counterparts and serve as “alternates”.

The Kiddos Typeface

The Kiddos typeface is a new font from Indotitas, this font is designed with a fun atmosphere to bring funny and fun feeling in all its forms, as it looks childish. This font is perfect for something that carries cartoon themes, comic, children’s books, funny greeting cards, food package designs, simple logotype or abstract images and many more..

Kids Zone / Layered Font

Kids Zone is a layered font inspired by the joyful world of colorful children. The unique characteristics of Kids Zone make it very suitable for various purposes such as quotes, t-shirt designs, flyers, youtube channels, labels, logos etc.

Picnic Caps Font

This font was created especially for creative titles. This font contains only caps, alternate caps and decorative glyphs.

Childish Riverie Font

Childish Reverie is a playful font with endless possibilities. Mix and match the upper and lowercase letters and throw in some memphis-style doodles to get exactly the look you want. Have fun!

Highflier Font

A cheerful font with 4 overlays: slice, scribble, shadow, and block. Place them on top or underneath Highflier Regular to add a bit of style and fun to your design.

Tiny Joy Font – Scandinavian & Kids

Font for your funny projects. This script is perfect for cards, prints, logos, invitations, arrange illustration and decoration. It has upper and lower case letters, numbers, special characters, accents. Perfect for children!

Jackerton Font

Jackerton is a playful, child-like typeface inspired by my father’s doodles. Every word is a puzzle with pieces changing and shifting as you type.

Meddling Kids – Handwriting Font

This is a double-uppercase handwriting font (two sets of uppercase letters, one set mapped to the uppercase and one to the lowercase) so you can mix and match letters within a word.

Anything Goes Font

Anything Goes is a charming font with a quirky, hand-drawn style. It is perfect for logos, children’s books, package design, typographic posters, etc. As the name says, Anything Goes!

Sweet & Silly Font

An adorable font that will bring a smile to your face every time you use it. Included is a bonus exclusive alphabet (english letters only), just for fun!

Hey Gotcha! Font – Bold & Tin

A fun and playful font it comes in bold, thin and a shadow layer! Great for creating a handmade lettering look for kids and children designs.

Bublont Typeface

Bublont is a bubbly, fresh and sunny typeface which makes it perfect for a variety of application including social posts, prints and packaging.

Bananito Font DUO

BANANITO is a combination of a cheery uppercase display font and a unique symbols font with more than 60 doodle characters. These two fonts are a perfect match to make your design look fresh and creative.

Beebzz. Child Kid Fun Font. Display.

Beebzz is an original font family designed for headlines, titles and subtitles. It has his own unique style in expressed perfect condensed forms, inspired by the freehand child calligraphy and and strong geometric typefaces.

Fruit Cake Handwritten Font

Fruit Cake is a fun, handwritten font that includes different styles to create the cutest design projects!

Sketchy Story Font

Sketchy Story is a rough edged, skinny font with a very hand-drawn feel. It comes in two versions: outline and filled, which can be used separately or on top of one another. This font is perfect for nursery prints, children’s books, anything that could use a bit of personality and fun.

Kiko – Funny Display Font

Unique & western style display font for your new funny projects. Great for cartoon or creative projects!

Iceroll Font

The Iceroll font pack makes it easy to create fun designs quickly! The pack contains a fresh and playful font in 3 styles. Characteristic of this fonts will act to create an ambience of fun.

Lefthand Kids Font

Lefthand Kids offers a playful feel to your projects, including invitations, product designs, book covers, social media campaigns and many more.

Fox Cat Hand Drawn Font

A hand drawn font with a free style. Great for greeting cards, business cards, etc. Lovely informal and imperfect look.

Glubby – Fun Display Font

Glubby a fun special display font! It’s perfect for fun, kids and children themes. With its fat bold look, you can use in big titles, posters, lettering, headlines and book covers to create a very cute look that kids will love it.

Strawberry Dreams Font DUO

A sweet font duo that conjures up images of simpler times. Together with the alternates font, Strawberry Dreams gives you 4 variations of each letter creating several different options to choose from. Use the complementary block font to add emphasis and style.

Little Summer Font

Simple fun and cute all caps or uppercase font, suitable for many project children book, quotes, logo, heading, title etc.

Kitty Fat – Handwritten Font

Kitty Fat is new handwritten bold font made with large brush pen. Bold and smooth fonts perfectly fits for kids and cartoon projects.

Hello Lijo Font

Hello Lijo is an adorably cute font that has a child-like whimsy about it. Completely hand written and full of unique characters, you’ll love using it for your everyday designs. Plays well with others, including scripts. Enjoy!

Simplicity Font

Simplicity is a new font that is far from simple, yet has an air of grace about itself. It can stand alone as a knock-out font but does work well with others, it really is that simple!

Rawr Sans Serif Font Trio

Use it as a main font or as a matching font. Combine the sans serif with the serif and decorate your project with the super cute dingbats. But the most amazing part is that you can use the graphics in unlimited projects because is a font!

Balloon Typeface

Balloon is two-layered font with glare. It’s very good for cartoon logos and short tittles, children books and greeting cards. Created for the celebration and fun.

Joyfully Handwritten Font

Joyfully is a fun, playful handwritten font! It is perfect for youthful, fun designs, and it is a perfect font for cricut and silhouette crafters, as I’ve taken extra time to make sure the font is as smooth as possible.

Bedtime Stories Font

A storytelling font, with playful yet casual typeface, perfect for: book covers, poster design, magazines, logos, name tags, handwritten quotes, product packaging, social media, greeting cards etc.

KazuKa Kids Font

This font in Scandinavian style is ideal for the design of children’s printed products: posters, stickers, wallpapers, souvenirs, inscriptions on t-shirts, labels, postcards, cups, cards and games. Only your imagination can stop you 🙂


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