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60+ Best Light and Shadow Overlays for Designers

Make your design more attractive and modern with these light and shadow overlay textures.

These light or shadow overlays you see on every image is done by effects which makes your design ultra realistic. If you use them to put the light or shadow effect on your image, it will darken the area where the base there is dark and do the same with the light areas. That enhances an intensity of the image more than before.

In this awesome post we have gathered a collection of more as 60 best light and shadow overlays for designer to make the effects of their designs to the next level. You can check and download any of those for your use. Make your design happy and enjoy 🙂

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Free Shadow Overlay Effect (AI, EPS)

Great free shadow overlay effect for your images or design in vector files.

Free Shadow Overlay Templates (PSD, PNG)

The pack includes 6 overlay textures created in 4000 × 3000 pixels resolution (300 dpi, RGB) with some simple designs featuring shadows from a window while others display floral elements for a more elegant addition.

Free Shadow Overlay Mockup (PSD)

Free shadow everlay gives you a possibility to add your image to the empty mockup. Easy to use in Photoshop.

Organic Shadows Collection III (PSD, PNG)

With these shadow effects you can easily add depth and a touch of realism to any of your projects with a few clicks. These are perfect for product mockups, photography, editorial design and etc.

Shadow Overlay Mockup (PSD)

This perfect mockup pack includes 2 shadow overlay effects and 4 light effects. Easy to use in Photoshop.

50 Light Leak Overlays (JPG)

Add some light leaks effects to your designs and photos in easy way.

50 Portal Light Leak Overlays (PSD)

If you are a photographer looking to create some amazing professional quality photos, then this overlays bundle is perfect for you.

50 Purple Light Magic Photo Overlays (PSD)

Absolutely magic light overlays gives you a solution to add these effects to your images. Easy to use in Photoshop.

Plant Shadow Overlays (PSD)

Whether you are going for realistic mockups or adding a tropical vibe to your artwork, you should consider this shadow overlay kit. Each overlay features unique scenes and lighting with various types of plants casting shadows.

Shadow Photo Overlays (PSD)

Add to your favorite photos an exclusive shadow effect to make it more gorgeous and modern. Simply to use in Photoshop.

Shadow Play Photo Overlays (PSD)

Amazing shadow effects to your photos or design. Just play in Photoshop and make it easy.

50 Unique Shadow Overlays (PSD, PNG)

Add a dynamic, more realistic, stylized look to your photographs, mock-ups, advertisements, and etc.

Summer Floral Shadows (PSD, JPG, PNG)

Make your images more relaistic with these shadows. 25x isolated shadow-files to place over mockups or photos to add shadows.

Windows Shadow Overlays (PSD)

Add depth and visual appeal to your mockups and photos with this collection of 8 window shadow and 8 window lights overlays. Each overlay features different window shadows including window frames and window blinds, all from different angles.

Rainbow Overlays (PSD)

Add a rainbow effect to your images or design. This realistic overlays makes your photos standing out. Easy to use in Photoshop.

Kage – Botanical Shadow Overlays (PDF, PNG)

Kage is a pack of 20 Botanical plant shadow overlays for your Photoshop mockups.

Madara – Botanical Shadow Overlays (PDF, PNG)

This pack features softer light and dappling resulting in very unique images where you can almost feel the sunlight.

Light Overlays for Photo Editing (PNG)

Light overlays png collection for photo editing ideal tool to give naturalness and magic effect for photos and designs.

Window Frame Shadow Photo Overlays (JPG)

This collection includes 10 high resolution photo overlays for adding scene lighting to your images. Each overlay features various shadow types from window sources including window frames and flower shadows all from different angles.

40 Shadow Overlay Collection (JPG, PNG)

Photorealistic shadow effects for your images or design. This collection of 40 overlays makes your design more creative.

50 Window Shadows (PNG)

Add these easy to use PNG shadow templates to your photos and make them more modern and realistic.

Trendy Shadow Photo Overlays (PNG)

In this set – 25 high resolution 300dpi transparent PNG files, that you can use easy add to your project.

30 Botanical Shadow Overlays (PSD, PNG)

These botanical shadow overlays were made with the help from real photos of various plants. They are perfect for giving your mockups a more realistic look and giving your photos a little more style.

Natural Shadow Overlay Kit – Hosta (PSD, PNG)

The Hosta series aims to give your work an elegant update with realistic shadow overlays.

Shadow Overlays (PNG)

Add depth and visual appeal to your mockups, flat lays and more with these on trend shadow overlays.

Sunlight Shadows Photoshop Overlays (PSD, PNG)

40 amazing true Photoshop shadow overlays for your photos and designs.

Tropical Leaf Shadows (PNG)

Play with opacity and add color to make your pictures to present your projects in a visually interesting and attractive way

Shadow & Light Overlay Kit (PDF, PSD, JPG, PNG)

This pack content 16 shadow overlays, 9 light overlays, 12 choices of backgrounds. You can customize your own scene by switching between different shadows, lights, and background included.

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