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Big Companies Logo Redesign – Before & Now Comparison

Essentially, logos are the (face) of a business. It is important then to ensure the your company is making a positive impression on prospects and clients.

A charming and memorable logo is the gateway to success for our business. Why do big companies change their logo designs from time to time? some are committed to radical changes and some only minimally enliven them with the help of useful professional advice.

Of course, when we have a successful business, we want to squeeze as much benefit out of it as possible. Interiors are being redesigned and websites are constantly updated to be as attractive as possible to our customers. So the changes in the logos are already programmed.

Even those who do not want to change anything constantly brighten it up a bit, add life and work for a long time without radical changes. So today we want to present to you the logotypes of various companies that are known globally before and after the update. I think it’s worth taking some inspiration for creating logos for future giants.

Why Logo Redesign is Needed?

Sometimes we exchange an old apartment for a new one, an old car for a new one, old things and so on. Why? And because life does not stand still and you want to renew yourself, you want to organize your apartment so that we feel some kind of sensation. The same is the case with updating the logo, because the business is starting to lack modernity, new ideas, so once you are fully convinced that a repair is needed, it needs to be done.

There are such stories that the renewal becomes worse than before, but these are only units. You need to consider every detail, pros and cons, and only then start changing the logo or even the entire business model to newer dimensions that have more opportunities and chances to shine.

Logo Redesign Has The Following Options:

  • To reflect change
  • To remain fresh and updated
  • To improve the design

The logo with a modern intention must to be sleek, stylish, and simple. Keep in mind that in this modern world, minimalism is great, so we aim to update our logo professionally and set certain goals and levers based on our type of business. If your business is colorful such as kindergarten, party providers, night clubs, then you will need to look more broadly at the range of colors, and if it is focused on official things, such as logistics companies, notaries, banks, various institutions, then you will still have to be accepted strong character designs that will fit your business model.

Take a close look at how the world’s biggest companies renew their logos, maybe it will give you ideas to renew yourself? So let’s go to the list:

1. Mailchimp

As the company evolved, customers wanted more functionality so the co-founders launched a selection of new channels, so why the logo was redesigned with more intuitive design, which makes a wider impression and is more witty in nature. The new logo features a monkey head and bold text, which stands out from other similar logos.

2. Uber

What makes this logo stand out is that it does not contain any symbols or colors, it is completely concrete and black. Except the new logo uses lowercase letters and the old one uses uppercase letters. It corresponds to the category that this business does, so the changes are minimalistic, which is what a modern logo needs.

3. Tripadvisor

This company decided to abandon color and created a new monogrammed and static logo, so it no longer has any playfulness compared to the old one. It is true that the colors can be changed, but they will not be half of the logo, but solid. Judging by the website, this brand remains popular and loved.

4. Nissan

The car giant Nissan has chosen a completely different way to update its logo, it becomes a flat style, rather than the metal design before, and apparently that change was beneficial for them, because many car companies are already changing their logos to a flat style.

5. Dunkin

The logo of this well-known company has changed, but it lacks something, as the round letters and a slight stroke on the right side do not convince that it is the best choice compared to the previous logo. The colors remained the same, so we remain confused, what does it change?

6. American Express

This banking system decided to change its logo minimally, as befits a solid company. Its color becomes solid and has a more flat style. This company wants its name to be remembered by all customers, so we welcome this transformation.

7. Durex

The Durex company has remained faithful to its old logo for a long time, but changes have matured in its environment as well. The color also changed and the logo became a solid flat style. The changes also affected the font itself and became more oval in shape than before.

8. GoDaddy

Internet provider GoDaddy has transformed many times and it has never been enough, but the last change may be the one that will give the company greater solidity and improve the quality of business.

9. FC Barcelona

This badge is more reminiscent of an educational institution, but it is the symbolic logo of the football team, the remake of which does not leave anyone indifferent. The colors could be more harmonious, but without wanting to lose authenticity, the new one remains unchanged.

10. Disctionary

Italic letters in the old logo and the sun-type symbolism recall the nuances of the past. And according to the results of my insight, the new logo of this company is more in line with modern trends. Just a simple remake, maybe nothing else needs to be added.

11. Animal Planet

I think that the most successful logo redesign, which does not leave anyone indifferent. These are the drastic changes that this TV program has made and it is only for the good, because the previous one was not really sticking to the TV screen as a new one. An interesting and heartwarming choice.

12. Fisher-Price

The logo and its color range have changed little. It was possible to come up with something better, but if the owner of this logo so wished, we have nothing to cling to, just a classic change and that’s it.

13. Balmain

A brand that has transformed radically. Such cases happen, but rarely, because no one knows how customers and partners will react to it, but this logo still needed changes and I think they worked, but we don’t know whether they are enough.

14. John Lewis

Both the old and new logos are kind of charming to me. We could not have changed anything, but if it has already been done, we can only congratulate you on a good taste choice.

15. Best Buy

I think Best Buy’s choice of recycling the logo turned out to be a bad one. I have to admit that I should have tried harder. Fifth graders could do a better job of creating something, but it’s already happened, and I think we’ll be seeing an even newer conversion of this brand soon.

16. Adobe

I’ve never been a fan of this brand, as neither the old nor the new appealed to me, but this is such a choice from this popular company. Maybe because it is one of the best companies of its kind, the logo doesn’t mean much for their productivity.

17. Badoo

This brand has not changed much. The font remained the same, only the heart and the color changed, so such a change can be seen simply as the success of the previous logo.

18. Iron City Beer

I think this new logo is more successful than the previous one. It is visually more expressive and has more quality in it. This new logo has everything you need to succeed in the beer business compared to the old one.

19. Burberry

The luxury brand could do more with its brand name and image, as both the previous and the new logos are just a solid font, without any symbols and that tinkling that would make it even more solid.

20. Atlanta Bewing Co

Not only has this brand face changed with a new name, but it’s also completely revamped with a new brand that can definitely have potential. I don’t think the old one was bad, just maybe it wasn’t expressed in a color gamut and a completely different font.

21. One Plus

Quite a good logo, both old and new. We need to understand that when changing something, you need to think hundreds of times and do it only once. So the update of this logo was well thought out.

22. Cadbury

Another classical type variant, which is well thought out and a minimal change, but the old variant remains more dear to my heart than the new one. But this is just my opinion, the company has not run away and continues to conquer competitors.

23. Advertising Age

An interesting variation with this logo. Updating it also changed the font and reduced the volume. There are only five of the fourteen letters left, but this attempt has really suited me and I think it will be a great success.

24. Popeyes


This brand really has something to teach others, because it is a really thought-out option when you don’t need to change much, but even a small change looks great. Good choice of symbol and the font is not boring.

25. Slack

It’s a bold color logo and in my opinion the new version is more powerful than before. The colors in the symbol are well thought out, do not strain the eyes and look good in any work.

26. The Guardians

This is a simple example where you don’t need a lot of time and effort to be successful. This media logo is suitable for the company it represents. You won’t add anything, it’s a classic change that I think is really effective.

27. Toys “R” Us

A company dealing with children and their toys cannot be different. It is witty, colorful and eye-catching. The logo is not the best option, it could be better, but it has some good nuances.

28. Starlight

A logo that is quite unusual, but its variation is minimalistic. The corners of the new logo image are rounded and a rounded font is used. I think the color expression is perfect.

29. Toyota

Another brand of a car company that has a flat style and does not need any explanations. Just a solid and modern logo that will last for decades. What simplicity can do.

30. Ogilvy

Red color is often dominant in logo designs, so this logo is the thing that conquers the world with its simplicity. it is a brand that speaks for itself and is a really successful option.

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