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Mac or PC? Which is Better for Graphic Designers?

Windows dominated the business world for the longest time, while Macs took the design world by storm.

Since then, so much has changed, and Windows PCs have had an upgrade, and therefore, the debate whether graphic designers should go for Mac or PC. Read along to make your decision easier if you’re trying to decide which operating system you should use.

The handling of color, graphics and type

A significant portion of a designer’s job is to handle color, type and graphics. Thanks to Apple’s history of being a graphic designer’s computer, the tech giant focuses on accentuating its handling of fonts and colors, especially when transferring from file and screen to print.

As such, the Mac has a small edge over a PC. Mac users can make colors and fonts work across multiple platforms with very little effort.

However, it is important to point out here that Windows PCs have come a long way since their time as business computers. The high-end PCs are quite capable of handling most of what Apple’s Macs can do.

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Photo editing software options

Macs offer myriad photo editing and graphic design apps and tools compared to Windows. In addition, Macs come with two graphics processors or GPU. One is an integrated GPU, and the other is a discrete GPU. The latter offers substantial graphics performance. As today’s design tools rely heavily on computers with a strong GPU, graphic designers gravitate toward Macs. For instance, MacBook Pro is the safest bet if your work is focused on graphic design, and MacBook Pro is a great option if you are a vector-based designer.

Furthermore, the photo editing software options for Macs are overwhelming, and it caters to all kinds of designers, from novices to experienced ones. macOS even comes with built-in photo editors like Apple Photos and Preview. The former is sometimes regarded as the best photo editing software for Mac, and you can use it for free. In addition, there are other amazing editing tools besides Adobe Photoshop that you can check out at

On the other hand, Windows is quickly catching up to Macs. Many of the photo editing and graphic designing tools solely built for Macs are becoming available on all platforms, including Windows and Linux. However, PCs still have a long way to go because even today, there are apps and tools that are Mac-only.

If you are focused on a specific industry, such as 3D renderings for architecture or gaming, more software options are available for Windows than Mac.


In terms of user-friendliness, Apple focuses its OS on ease of use. The company continually introduces new features and updates with each release that enhances the overall user experience. Mac users, in fact, get an annual update that fixes all the bugs and makes it easier for them to continue working seamlessly. Moreover, the integration from apps to apps allows a clean and fuss-free workflow. Even though this is most apparent in Apple’s consumer apps like iMovie and Photos, it continues through third-party products and professional tools.

Even though Microsoft is working extremely hard in enhancing the user experience, Apple takes the cake in the user-friendliness category. Furthermore, owning a Mac means joining the Apple ecosystem if you have an iPhone or iPad. Therefore, the work you are doing on your Mac can be synced and shared across all your Apple devices with great ease.

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Cost considerations

In the cost category, Windows stands out because they are much more affordable than Macs. So if budget is a constraint and you don’t want to spend a lot, your obvious choice will be to invest in a Windows PC. However, if cost is not a matter of concern, Macs are the choice to take your graphic designing and photo editing career ahead.

So, what’s the verdict?

In all honesty, there’s no verdict because graphic designers use both Macs and PCs. The decision ultimately boils down to personal preferences and, of course, your budget. Also, if you want to continue showing your allegiance to Windows, you can stick to it. But note that it is not difficult to run Windows on your Mac so you can get the best of both worlds. 

Hopefully, the distinction between the two operating systems will make it easier for you to decide whether you should buy a Mac or PC. Ensure to go through the features of the different models before bringing the system home.

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