Current date:September 25, 2022

12+ Outstanding Marker Sketch Photoshop Actions

Transform your photo into marker sketch artwork in easy steps using Photoshop. Get an amazing effects without any hastle and save your time.

Transform your lovely photograph into a sketch done with a marker and help of marker sketch Photoshop actions. With this actions, you can create a ready-made solution and try out different combinations.

You can transform any picture just open the PSD file in Adobe Photoshop, double click on the smart object layer, and paste the picture you want to transform and brush the specific area. Use other filters as well as choose the kind of brush and the intensity you want to see in your picture and then save it. The area you brushed will be transformed into the marker sketch as shown in previews. Enjoy!

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Marker Sketch Photoshop Action

There are 115+ hand sketched marker brushes included that you can use to add more sketch details. This Photoahop action will also create even 30 color looks.

Fashion Sketch 3 Photoshop Action

Awesome Photoshop actions to transfom your photos in to unforgetable artworks with marker sketching.

Fashion Sketch Photoshop Action

Easy of use, many prepared background layers with different brushes and textures will give your painting fullness.

Fashion Sketch Photoshop Action

Amazing marker sketch Photoshop actions specially created for architecture and interior. Add these simple effects to your images.

Graphic Marker Photoshop Action

For this Photoshop action was created many new brushes made especially for add more interesting architecture details, and now your possibilities become even more crazy and fun.

Marker Drawing Photoshop Action

Simply to use Photoshop actions for all your photographs to create a stunning marker sketch effect.

Marker Sketch Tool – Amsterdam – Photoshop Plugin

It is a Photoshop plugin and new smart toolkit for easy creating amazing marker sketches. This plugin will give you opportunity to be a digital artist and create marker sketches without special Photoshop or drawing skills.

Marker Drawing Photoshop Action

Nice black and white effects to make your photos a cardinal changes. Easy to use in Photoshop.

Aquarelle Marker Photoshop Action

Save hours of work with this action. Create unlimited marker and aquarelle artworks with Photoshop.

Sketch Pen Drawing Photoshop Action

Your chance to create amazing pen sketching effects to your photos with Photoshop.

Watercolor Sketch – Photoshop Action

Nice watercolor sketching shots and effects easily editable via Photoshop.

Marker Sketch Photoshop Action

Be artist without any experience (just one click make your photos art style). Awesome performance greet looking just one click by using Photoshop.

Fashion Sketch 2 Photoshop Action

Balance colors for your model and start to decorate! Many layers with stylized architectural masterpieces will give a broad way to creativity.

Urban Sketch Photoshop Action

Create amazing hand-painted watercolor sketch artworks from any city photo. This Phptpshop action generates various painterly strokes to get the hand-painted look.

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