Current date:December 7, 2022

20+ Cool Memphis Style Patterns for Designers

If you love unashamedly brash and bold colors and patterns, you’ll be very happy these Memphis style patterns to add to your design.

Cool, bright and full of colors – it is a memphis style patterns which will be the perfect for your professional designs. Memphy style is an old timer pioneered by the 1980s Memphis Group, it is very much back in vogue. So, today we are going to add a collection of more as 20 cool memphis style patterns for your investigation.

We hope you will love these grat patterns and use in your design projects. Our collection is a premium one and has only handpicked pattern designs for Creatisimo visitors. Enjoy the patterns!

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Free Memphis Space Seamless Patterns

Prepare for a nostalgia strike from the past and make your design shining with these free seamless Memphy style pattern designs.

Free Neo Memphis Minimal Pattern

Retro modern and minimal Memphis style patterns for your design.

Free 8-Bit Memphis Patterns Pack

It’s a set of ready-made 15 vividly colored patterns that will help create eye-popping designs. They’re perfect for branding projects, packaging design, greeting cards, posters, and unique print accessories.

Free Memphis Vector Patterns Set

You can apply any of these free Memphis patterns to your packaging, print or any other type of design to make it stand out from the crowd.

Free Color Memphis Seamless Pattern

Graphics are perfect for those who are engaged in design. You can use them, for example, in creating the design of stationery for schoolchildren: exercise books, albums, pens, pencils, diaries and more.

Free Memphis Seamless Pattern

Memphis. Free seamlesss pattern. You can use this pattern for free for any purpose.

Memphis Seamless Patterns Collection

This stylish set with a colorful surface is perfect for ideas seekers and connoisseurs quality goods. Minimalist art print backdrop with abstract erratic dots, vintage sticks, and random doodle create a great mood and causes positive emotions.

Memphis Seamless Pattern Collection

This pack of 5 seamless watercolor patterns/backgrounds/papers/textures is perfect for packaging, scrapbooking, web design, stationery etc. All images are high resolution, seamless, squared.

Memphis Pop Shapes Seamless Patterns

These new abstract composition that we are going to present you is splendid pop art with back to school elements and modern functional set.

Abstract Patterns in Retro Memphis Style Design

This pack contains 10 vectors of abstract seamless patterns in retro memphis style design backgrounds for your projects. You can use these backgrounds for the different purpose. It can approach your website, application or a desktop wallpaper.

Round Decor Memphis Elements Seamless Patterns

We present to your attention 1 concept and 10 color schemes of particular abstract backdrops. They are ready to amaze you not only by captivating look but as they are ready to print, high quality and fully editable.

Memphis Seamless Patterns

These modern stylish patterns from the 80’s & 90’s can be used as textures, instagram wallpaper, packaging, branding and an infinite variety of creations.

Squiggle – Abstract Memphis Patterns

Full of lines, dots, shapes, and squiggles of all kinds, this set is perfect for fashion design, branding, web images, packaging, decor, and more!

Geometric Pattern Memphis Style

Set of 8 memphis patterns in geometric elements. Pattern in hipster, memphis style. Pattern is suitable for posters, postcards, fabric or wrapping paper, fashion, shirt, cover, icons, banners, stamps, pencil, print, fabric, books.

Set of Seamless Memphis Patterns

Set of cute hand drawn seamless Memphis pattern designs. They are perfect for DIY or handmade themed projects.

Memphis Geometric Patterns Set

Retro memphis geometric line set contain 5 seamless patterns in 80-90s style. You can use this patterns for website, poster, greeting or business cards, wrapping paper as a print for textile and so much more.

Geometric Pattern Memphis Style (2)

Set of 8 memphis patterns in geometric elements. Pattern in hipster, memphis style. Pattern is suitable for posters, postcards, fabric or wrapping paper, fashion, shirt, cover, icons, banners, stamps, pencil, print, fabric, books.

50 Memphis Seamless Patterns Set

50 abstract seamless patterns in 80’s-90’s styles. Colorful and black & white geometric background set in memphis style perfect suit for greeting cards, stickers, baners, posters, web, social media, email, print etc.

Abstract Memphis Seamless Patterns

Set of vector abstract seamless patterns with geometric mosaic shapes. Retro memphis style, fashion 80-90s.

Memphis Patterns Collection

This collection combines geometric shapes in Memphis style and various symbols, such as hearts, emoticons, sneakers or donuts to create bright and colorful backgrounds.

Memphis Seamless Patterns

These Memphis vector patterns are ideal for projects in which there are clothes, object items, for your mockups and previews. High resolution, completely handmade.

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