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Minimalist Website Design: 30 Amazing Examples

Minimalist website design benefits users in the shape of faster loading times and better compatibility between screen sizes.

The new web design trends of 2020 is dedicated to minimalism and 3D technology. But this time we want you to showcase the beautiful examples of minimalist websites. Here are 30 absolutely unique web designs from some popular websites handpicked from the net.

Below, we’ve collected our favorite minimalist website designs to inspire you to do more by doing less. Have a nice time and enjoy.

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1. Jazz FM

This colourful site for a Bucharest-based radio station does a great job of letting the music speak for itself. At first glance Jazz FM Romania by Anagrama, simply invites visitors to stream the live broadcast via a triangular play button that fills half the viewport. Simply and easy to navigate, the design layout is not complicated to understand. Showing perfection and crafted from begining to the end.

2. HalloBasis

Friends, designers and business partners Felix Vorbeck and Johannes Winkler also go by the moniker HalloBasis. The Dusseldorf design studio takes pride in delivering projects that communicate well on behalf of its clients. The site makes a bold statement with just a few elements, thanks to its oversized aesthetic – which has the added bonus of aiding accessibility.

3. Fleava

Evoulve is a company dedicated to turning emerging technologies into viable products. The site design – the work of design agency Fleava – has a mesmerising, futuristic feel. There are very few elements on screen: simple text annotations and very minimal navigation options. However, each one has been crafted perfectly, with subtle CSS animations amping up the sense of magic and creating a mood of discovery.

4. Finnova Srl

A modern minimalist website design which bets on a strictly black and white color scheme and basic geometric shapes. The site conveys mystery and puts the focus on the photos.

5. Unite.Agency

A minimalist website design with a purplish monochromous color scheme. The website design shows monochrome photo overlays which are very modern right now.

6. Fleur Moreau

An airy web design which pleases the senses with a beautiful pastel color palette. Each section of the site comes with a different pastel color combined with the white background and pleasant animations.

7. Leen Heyne

Beside its jewellery, Leen Heyne’s monochrome logo and company name are the only significant visual elements on its homepage. The surrounding expanse of whitespace makes it a safe bet the user’s eyes will be drawn to the products.

8. Circle.Squarespace

A clean and elegant website design with a greyish background and decorations in the same color palette. The overall feeling which the site conveys is of something natural and clean.

9. McKennaJones.

A beautiful light tone colors and retro modern design brings an eye-catching feeling. The web design fully crafted to the last point and view is amazing.

10. Koox

A beautiful illustrated site with colors in natural tones. The website design is presented with a subtle background pattern, hand-drawn textured illustrations, a playful movement as you move the cursor around.

11. We Ain’t Plastic

Contrast is another useful visual tactic for keeping minimalist designs interesting. German UX engineer Roland Lösslein’s website We Ain’t Plastic sets up a stark contrast in size between the central image and the text and icons above.

12. Tim Brack

One more web design with a bold presentation text a personal website by Tim Brack a german art director. It is clean, modern just minimalistic so as needed to make a presentation of personal project.

13. Nua Bikes

Nua Bikes site is deceptively minimalist, because there are actually a lot of elements on the screen. However, by condensing the text and maximising the whitespace, the firm is able to draw attention to its product, the bike.


Amusing, if possibly inane, lets people customise messages to friends with a hand gesture. The barren black background adding a power to the main image and the bold white letters of the text.

15. VilaLouisa

A clean and airy website designs made with geometric shapes and black and white colors. The design is classy and focuses on the pictures and information rather than unnecessary decorations.

16. InvisionApp

A website design based on square geometric shapes and a grid structure. Minimalist at first sight but as you scroll and hover the mouse over elements, you will find colorful sections with illustrations appearing.

17. Caxis

A minimalist website design with flat geometric illustrations, geometric background sections, and line art elements. The design combines several colors and lots of white space.

18. Olivier Guilleux

Minimalist website design usually don’t include much color but when the color is presented with taste, the design can still be kept clean and simple. This website includes a bold typography with gradients, flat illustrations, and colorful dots on the white background.

19. Kickpush

Minimalist website design doesn’t have to stick to black or white backgrounds only. Here is a color-based minimalist site with white bold fonts, lots of white space, and product images presented in material style.

20. Minibricks

A website design with horizontal scrolling, effects like image masking, and a minimalist color scheme of a light gray and white combined with a deep royal blue.

21. Vegoshi

A vegan-themed website with clean and fresh design which conveys natural ingredients and organic food. With delicate illustrations here and there and tastefully design menu which shows pictures only when you hover on the dish’s name.

22. Victoria Spicer

Another well done and clean website with simply design and navigation. Nice pastel colors bring more wow to the easy layout design.

23. E T Q Amsterdam

A simply website design for a shoe company from Amsterdam. Not needed a splashing web design to make a presentation of your shop, so this example is neat without any disturbtion brings only fine organized web design.

24. Shohei Takenaka

A minimalist portfolio website of a photographer. Leaving out all kinds of decorative elements, the portfolio is presented on a pale green background. The elegant font is followed by the gallery of photos.

25. Embacy

An illustrated minimalist website design with simple line art illustrations and just a little use of color here and there. The design is airy and modern, combining several of the latest graphic design trends.

26. Unpigeon

Beautiful and simply website design must visit. New trend of 2020 is a 3D web design, so this website going leg to leg with the most modern and innovative design technologies.

27. RevStudio

Ultra modern studio website from Poland with minimalist chaotish presentation of the works and bold text which makes this web design more visible.

28. Alex Coven

A Chicago based graphic design and web development company Alex Coven has a insanely modern web design layout which is super easy to understand without any complicated things.

29. Johann Lucchini

This is yet another good example of a minimalist website that uses a white background and lots of typography. Johann Lucchini is working on a brand new website but you can still check out his works on his portfolio website and get inspired by its amazing design.

30. Flatstudio

Minimalist and clean web design with the descriptin of what the company do. Ultra modern layout and simply minimalist lettering logo design. This example shows the trust of the company.

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