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35+ Exceptional Number Fonts – Pick the Best

You can choose a perfect font from the list below and combine matching numerals together with letterings in one project - they are a perfect match, check them out!

Number fonts are not the most popular, but some designs require them. It’s hard to discover these fonts online, but a certain contingent of them are truly exceptional and noteworthy.

All of these number fonts has been crafted by professional designers and are in the best quality no matter it is free or premium item. Feel free to download your desired font and use for your projects where typography is necessity. We hope you’ll enjoy our collection and have a best time and experience in our website.

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Monro – Quirky Display Typeface

A disruptive typeface with shapes inspired by the aesthetics of the 80s and 90s. Monro is an ideal typeface for large size display texts and wordmarks, its eye-catching quirky letters grab the readers attention.

Didone Room Numbers Display Font Family

This non-alphabetic serif font focuses on numerical and currency symbols. It clearly belongs to Didone clan of typefaces and is majorly meant to be used as a display font. Ideal for posters, advertisements, labels and etc.

Crash Numbering Font (Free)

A two-font set guaranteed to add bureaucratic flavor to practically anything: invoices, gift certificates, orders, etc. And because these fonts are digital and not mechanical, there is no limit on how high you can go.

Assignate – Elegant Display Serif

It is an elegant and thin lettered serif font. It maintains its classy calligraphic influences while feeling contemporary and fresh. Enjoy for posters, covers, certificates, books and etc.

August Typeface

A powerful and beautiful condensed sans serif display typeface. It brings charming curves and satisfying patterns to traditional condensed fonts. Ideal for posters, blockbusters, movies, trailers, headlines, titles, logos and etc.

Pompadour Numerals (Free)

It is one of the perfect chunky number fonts. This display font is only free for personal use and fits many designs such as posters, flyers, covers, books, advertisement, packaging and etc.

Vintage Number Pack

This number font has hand-drawn style and vintage. As you can see in the letters, there are a number of horizontal lines that you can come up with a combination of fonts and provide some attractive posters and logos.

Carre Font (Free)

A strong, bold number font that will look amazing in each of your projects and is easy to use. Perfect for display, headlines, lotto designs, covers, posters and etc.

Bold Price – Numbers & Currency

Open Type font that consists only of numbers, period and common currency symbols. Numbers with the character for your lettering works, restaurant menus, logos and etc.

Gorga Grotesque

It is one of the simplest fonts on this list but that simplicity makes it highly flexible. This is an Open Type font that includes features such as fractions, numerators, denominators, and superscripts.

Summer of ’76 Font

This font includes a full set of numbers, numerical and currency symbols. It’s perfect for big headers to give a retro vintage look to your designs.

Clement Numbers

This exclusive and unique set of numbers can be good for your vintage design project such as lettering works, restaurant menus, logos and etc.

Sea Spray – Minimal Font

It is a modern and minimal logo font that looks perfect on packaging and branding for fashion, architecture and other creative designs.

Charleston – Modern Stylish Font

It is a stylish and elegant serif font. Fall in love with its incredibly distinct and timeless style and use it to create spectacular designs.

Chappa Font (Free)

It is a free font, for personal or commercial use. It includes two styles, a sans serif version and its obliqua variant. Perfect for bold designs, headlines, titles, books, posters and etc.

Borough Grotesk Typeface (Free)

This font have a several digital iterations in existence, however unlike those also contains a regular ‘fill’ style and several discretionary features to give added flare to your numeral design projects.

Herbert Font Regular (Free)

This font characterized by the strong contrast between thick and thin rods, which give to the typeface a bold aesthetic and elegant appearance. Ideal for lotto designs, logos, posters, packaging and etc.

Surreal Psychedelic Typeface (Free)

This free surreal is a perfect font for groovy posters, experimental artwork, and artistic design projects.

College Block 2.0

This font has been revamped and joins the 2.0 class. The letters are about 30% taller, just waiting to be arched and thrown on a University sweater. Enjoy it for sports designs, headlines, titles, posters and etc.

Smart Frocks NF Font (Free)

This cool free numeral font perfect for vintage and retro-themed artworks and designs such as school books, titles, covers, poster and etc.

Baro Font

It is a family of seven sans serif fonts. Its style is geometric, and its letterforms are all-caps. Ideal for your titles, headings, product packaging, posters and etc.

Solo Font

A new sans serif font with 6 fonts in 1 family, inspired from modern minimalist sign and solitude so good for designs such as any type of graphic design web, print, motion graphics, perfect for posters/flyers and etc.

Fab Figures Typeface Set

It is a numbers-only font. These fonts a high contrast display font family with curly terminals. Ideal for numeral designs, decorative designs, covers, posters and etc.

Azonix Font (Free)

It is a modern sans-serif typeface. It consists of bold geometric upper case letters, numbers and punctuation (symbols). Perfect for futuristic designs, movie titles, covers, posters and etc.

Numbers Font

It  is a numbers display font with a retro/funky style. Ideal for numeral designs, posters, vintage covers, packaging and etc.

Rachel Elegant Typeface (Free)

It is a free serif typeface has a strong contrast between thin and thick rods. Ideal for posters, covers, titles, headings and etc.

Drugsther Font

It  is a simple and sharp looking display font, that will truly inspire your projects. Use this font for your designs and explore its endless possibilities.

Scourge Typeface

It is a textured runic typeface which includes uppercase multilingual letters, numbers and punctuation. So good for symbol designs, covers, posters and etc.

Yasha Typeface

Bold & soft vintage handwritten font. It includes English uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation. Perfectly match for branding, advertising, posters and etc.

Brooklyn Numeral Set

Creative numeral font in EPS file format so easy to use and good to apply to the designs such as sports, posters, covers, flyers and etc.

Drobbs Font

It is a numeric-only font. It is not alphabetic, contains numbers, a set of basic currency symbols and a set of typographic characters. It serves for accents in labels, posters or infographics.

Qgod Font

It is a cool, minimalistic and futuristic display font. Ideal for writing web designs, business cards, or pretty much anything else that requires a unique touch.

Hikou Regular Font

The regular version of Hikou is versatile and pairs well with all sorts of fonts. Includes multilingual uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation. Perfect for business cards, office slides and company posters.

Ember Typeface

It is a big stencil font in 2 different styles. Perfect for all urban, post-apocalyptic and impactful headings.

Orphic Font

A modern retro-type font for your designs such as vintage covers, posters, flyers, packaging and etc.

Fatts Font

It is a numeric-only font. It is not alphabetic, contains numbers, a set of basic currency symbols and a set of typographic characters. It serves for accents in labels, posters or infographics.

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