Current date:September 25, 2022

20+ Photoshop Text Styles to Create a Unique Typography

Be ready of a huge dose of Photoshop text effects, that you can use in your design without any doubts.

Here we go to present for you the latest Photoshop text styles (layer styles) to help you create unique and awesome text effects for your design project. All these text styles are layered and in fully editable PSD format, so that you can easily and quickly modify per your requirements.

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Free Photoshop Gold Text Styles

Get these 3 golden text styles for Photoshop to add them to your design and make it perfectly shiny and eye-catching.

Free Playful Letters Text Effect

Enjoy these cool and playful text effects for Photoshop. Easy to edit.

Free Illuminating Light Text Effect

The exuberant shine of this lettering can illuminate any presentation, showcasing or portfolio. You can check it out yourself after downloading this text effect.

3D Text Effect

 You can replace this text message with your own message which will look exactly like these templates by using Photoshop.

Smoke Text Effect

Add a smoke text to your design in easy way by using Photoshop.

Color Text Effect PSD Style

This text effect supplies you with a speedy and effortless opportunity to follow an excessive high-quality style to your text. You can use it on easy text, shapes, and vector logos. Easy edit in Photoshop smart object.

War – PSD Editable Text Effect

From your personal projects to the orders of your clients. Just write your text and the effect will be applied by using Photoshop.

Neon Lighting Text Effect

Aside from the neon light itself, the asset includes that “phantom” effect, replicating the written text with a ghost copy.

Rock PSD Text Effect

Super realistic, unique, useful, premium, modern. Real photo based, really high resolution, easy to use.

Cinematic Shadow Text Effect

Easy to change the colors and the backgrounds. Get them now and make your 3D text with a smart object replacement.

Realistic Soap Text Effect

With this template for Adobe Photoshop you will easily create a text effect, with just a few clicks the text will change with a style like this. you can also easily change the font according to your wishes and that’s not all!

Broken Text Photoshop Effect

Make your text broken and add it to your design. You can create amazing typography effects.

Neon Text Layer Styles & Extras

The kit is ready for a realistic design of posters, cards, images for social networks, sketches for a real neon sign.

Free Neon Lettering Text Effect

If you are a fan of neon, cyberpunk and retro wave style, then this free text effext will be great for your design projects.

Papercut Text Effect

Look, there’s a whole new colorful world hidden in a papercut! Volumetric curved layers stretched under each carved letter, set them all free with this handy and cute text effect.

Distortion Text Effect

Even if you’re not a pro graphic designer, this Photoshop text effect would still be an exciting thing to work with: create awe-inspiring posters, social media posts, packaging, backgrounds and etc.

Free Inside Photoshop Text Effect

That colorful free text effect makes your design outstanding. Just use Photoshop and play the text.

3 Free Chaos Glitch Photoshop Text Effect

In this text effect collection there are three effects that you can choose which one would be most suitable for you.

3 Free Slices Photoshop Text Effect

Using this text will give the modern impression for your design. The sliced effect might give a rough impression, however it’s rough in an elegant way.

Free Love Photoshop Text Effect

This is the most beautiful text effect creation that can easily transcribe your deep feelings.

Photoshop Text Effects Vol. 3

This awesome graphic resource gives you a quick and easy possibility to create a wonderful effect of different styles in just a few seconds.

80’s Text Effects Complete Bundle

This graphic resource gives you a quick & easy possibility to apply a high-quality 80s classic style to your text by using Photoshop.

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