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30 Procreate Tutorials: Learn Illustration & Digital Art

Procreate is a goldmine iPad designing app widely used to draw illustrated portraits, background illustrations and many more.

Procreate is the most powerful iPad app for drawing, sketching and creation of illustrations. Only Procreate lovers understand the importance of Procreate Brushes, so why not to learn some techniques how to make your iPad art attractive and eye-catching with these Procreate tutorials.

In this post we gathered 26 best Procreate tutorials crafted with love by professional designers, illustrators and digital artists. You must check the best tutorials that will provide a lot of help, step by step draw different illustrations and drawings that make it easy to learn and understand. We hope you will enjoy the list below.

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1. Beginner’s Guide to Procreate

This is an absolute beginners introduction to Procreate. If you are new to digital art and interested in working on an ipad, this easy to learn video is for you.

2. How to Create a Space Theme in Step by Step Tutorial

A step by step tutorial, in a series of draw along with me videos for beginners. In this series I hope to educate you on the tools procreate has to offer, with each video having used new tools.

3. How to Draw Ink Artwork Landscape in Procreate

Anyone can make an ink artwork following this procreate tutorial for beginners. You will learn how to draw an ink artwork landscape in Procreate step by step.

4. How to Draw a Neon Portrait in Procreate

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to create a colorful neon portrait of a beautiful woman in Procreate using different painting techniques.

5. How to Draw a Witchy Cat in Procreate

Easy step by step learn Procreate drawing tutorial. Learn simply techniques in iPad.

6. How to Draw Cartoon Face in Procreate

Anyone can draw a face following this Procreate tutorial for beginners. You’ll learn how to draw a face step by step with free Procreate brushes.

7. How to Draw Landscape Illustration in Procreate

You’ll be teached how to draw an illustration in Procreate app and it is easy to do that if you are just beginner.

8. How to Blending Colors in Procreate

You’ll be learn to blend colors in Procreate for iPad (Pro) using the blender tool.

9. How to Draw Adventures of Cooper in Procreate

A Procreate series of tutorials following Cooper on his adventure. In this series you will draw each new scene and go through along with his story in step by step tutorials.

10. How to Paint Snow Tree and Landscape in Procreate

An easy step by step guide how to paint christmas snowy tree and landcape by using iPad (Pro) 2021 12.9 and Apple pencil 2.

11. How to Paint Mountain and tree Landscape in Procreate

An easy step by step guide how to paint mountain and landscape by using iPad (Pro) 12.9 and Apple pencil 2.

12. How to Make White Outlines for Your Stickers / Illustrations in Procreate

A short tutorial you’ll learn how to outline your drawings in Procreate. This simple white outline is perfect for creating stickers and a great way to add a POP to your digital illustrations.

13. How to Draw a Girl in Procreate

A process of drawing a cute cartoon girl in Procreate, explained in this step by step easy tutorial.

14. How to Draw women with Black Cat Illustration in Procreate

In this video, you’ll learn a Procreate painting techniques for illustrating people in the style of Taryn Knight.

15. How to Draw Cat in Procreate

Anyone can draw a cat by following this easy drawing in Procreate. You’ll learn how to draw a black cat step by step tutorial.

16. How to Draw Line Art Florals for beginners in Procreate

You’ll be learning how to draw an amazing bucket of flowers by using Procreate app in your iPad.

17. How to Draw Painted Florals (Peonies) in Procreate

Learn how to draw beautiful digital paint florals (peonies) on your iPad using Procreate in this easy art tutorial.

18. How to Draw a Parisien Cafe Window with Marker Brushes in Procreate

Learn drawing techniques by using a Procreate app and iPad. Enjoy this easy to understand tutorial.

19. How to Chalk Lettering in Procreate

You’ll learn how to use Procreate features such as the perspective drawing guide, the smudge tool, and layer masking.

20. How to Paint a Cute Watercolor Bear in Procreate

In this vide tutorial you’ll learn to draw and paint the cute bear with free and premium drawing watercolor brushes by using Procreate app and iPad.

21. How to Draw Easy Wreath Calendar Design in Procreate

You’ll be creating a versatile wreath that can be used for any month of the year with new method, just watch this video.

22. How to Draw Aurora Borealis in Procreate

Anyone can draw this Aurora Borealis using the free Procreate brushes that are already in the app! Plus two brushes that you can download.

23. How to Draw a Watercolor Succulent Cactus in Procreate

In this tutorial you learn step-by-step how to draw a watercolor cactus in Procreate. We’ll be using watercolor and sketch brushes that are part of the free flower tools brush box.

24. How to Draw Cute Cactus Illustration with Flower Animation in Procreate

Let’s draw a super cute cactus and create a small animation in Procreate by going through step by step process in video tutorial.

25. How to Draw a Frog in Procreate

We show you how to draw a cartoon frog sitting on a lily pad using an iPad and Procreate easy to use tutorial.

26. How to Draw a Cartoon from Sketch to Finished Design in Procreate

In this tutorial you will start learning how to create this wacky, cartoon fish. We will start with a sketch, add inks, move onto color flats, drop in our shadows and highlights, and then wrap it up with a quick background.

27. How to Draw a Glowing Mushrooms in Procreate

In this easy Procreate tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw glowing mushrooms in a magic forest atmosphere step-by-step.

28. How to Draw Realistic Watercolor Floral Illustration in Procreate

In this great video you’ll learn how to draw ink and watercolor floral composition by using Procreate app and iPad.

29. How to Do Crosshatching Illustrations in Procreate

In this video You will learn how to do crosshatching illustrations in Procreate. This tutorial also providing you with two full exercises you can do to practice your crosshatching.

30. How to Draw a Squirrel Illustration in Procreate

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to sketch a squirrel and drawing process by using Procreate app and iPad.

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