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Puzzled by Your Guest Posting Skills? Here’s what to Do

Are you embarrassed by your guest posting skills? Get some tips in this article to rectify that and improve your digital marketing strategy now.

People who are beginners in digital marketing might get confused by the term ‘guest posting.’ So, it is better to follow some simple steps rather than some advanced guide if you are a fresher in this genre.

It is better for now if you just learn the concept of guest blogging, its benefits, and how to use it. That is why, in this article, we are going to present an ultimate and practical guide to improving your guest posting skills.

What is Guest Posting?

In simple terms, guest posting is nothing but a strategy of digital marketing. When you create content that is published on another website, that is referred to as guest posting. It will help you increase traffic to your website. It will build up your online reputation, and you will have access to the audience of an industry authority website.


Since guest posting allows you to mention your name and author bio beneath the article, it will make you a substantial part of the digital ecosystem. However, it is not the same as link building. In link building, you acquire hyperlinks from other websites into your own, but you create content for other websites in guest posting. There are also some best guest posting service provider who can also guides you if you face any trouble.

What are the Advantages of Guest Posting?

  1. You will get immediate exposure to the targeted audience. In addition, online traffic is the lifeblood of any website, so if you manage to write quality content for other websites, it is likely to increase traffic to your site. 
  2. It can help you boost your network. Many websites accept guest bloggers. So, if you post content there, you will get in touch with other influencers and content creators. Sometimes you will also be part of an email thread where moderators will brainstorm some topics, and you will be able to partner with potential content creators.
  3. Guest posting can increase your social media share, which is essential to improve your online traffic. If the content you created for some other website gets numerous shares, it increases your social media reach. It can engage you with your audience a lot faster and helps to increase your brand value in social media.
  4. It is necessary to transform your followers into loyal audiences and subscribers. If you write content for authoritative brands, your audience will trust your voice more. It will increase your brand value in the content creation world.
  5. Finally, when you guest post for other companies, you will receive insightful feedback from other content creators. It will sharpen your content creation skills. In addition, you will be able to refine your content marketing strategy better with the comments from industry experts.


Steps to Sharpen Your Guest Posting Skills

Firstly, you need to build a solid social media profile. The more followers or friends you have on social media, the better your guest posting skills. With a sizable follower on your social media, people start taking you seriously, and that is when you will be ready for the next step.

Secondly, build your guest posting portfolio. Again, don’t attempt to go for the authority brands. Instead, go for the lower brands and guest post in at least 50 of their contents.

Thirdly, focus on quality content. If you are writing what every other website already has, it won’t do any good to you. So instead, write long content, be original, be succinct while giving away information, and add a unique perspective to attract readers.

A non-published article with no follow link is worth less than a published article with no-follow links. Thus, you will have a better rapport with other content creators and bloggers. Since you are not a famous name in the world of guest blogging yet, it is better to follow this advice.

Now, even when you are writing for the best of the publishers, money can be a potential issue. But, just because you are not getting paid sufficiently, don’t try to take out that frustration on your content. Remember, you are just starting as a guest blogger. So, if they are haggling with the money, ask for a link exchange instead.

Next, you have to be cautious to avoid the link resellers and private blog networks. If you are suspicious about it, DM them immediately about guest posting and see their response. Don’t get caught up with them because they can finish your reputation in the guest posting world.

Finally, be patient for at least a year. If you are too lucky, you might start getting good results within a month, but it can maximum take a year also, so wait for that. Once you get responses, you can move on to the next stage. Approach the authoritative brands now because your portfolio is already established.


Signing Off

Remember, this article is for newbies who are just starting on their guest posting skills. So it is better to follow these steps thoroughly if you want to outshine your competitors. Apart from that, always focus on quality, limit the small talk, think like an editor, and don’t mimic other websites. Finally, be as original as possible in your guest post to attract the audience.

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