Current date:December 7, 2022

Rapper Nas & Pantone Created a New “Ultra Black” Colour

The famous rapper Nas and color king Pantone debuts the new "ultra black" colour.

Image credit: Pantone/Nas

That’s not a joke, but sure event as the hip hop legend Nas in partnership with Pantone created a new colour the same like his new album – “ultra black”

Pantone well known for producing a new colours around cultural events – it even releases a colour of the year.

According to a press release, while black is often associated with “feelings of darkness”, ultra black is an electrifying, unifying force representing the colour’s “richness, complexity, and profound beauty”. Created in support of African-American communities, ultra black is “unapologetically pro-black, and thus pro-humanity”.

“In our highly visual world, colour is one of the most powerful communication tools we can use to draw immediate attention and get our voices heard,” said Laurie Pressman, vice-president Pantone colour Institute.

“Supporting ‘ultra black’ with this new ULTRA BLACK colour helps Nas share his message in a visually impactful way, one that will further ensure the global reach of his inspiring and uplifting message.”

We hope that this rich of allusion colour will be used as symbol of the hope and bearing to the race communities of the world.

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