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20+ Ideal Fonts for Resume & CV Creation

Welcome to the free and premium collection of most useful fonts for resume and cv. Find which is perfect for your job application.

When we need to write something special often we are thinking hours or days how to begin and what to write. Abount the typography we think later, but it is also very important when we need to write an job application. So in this comprehensive post we have collected more as 20 useful fonts for resume and cv creation.

Online are tons of beautiful and professionaly made fonts for any kind of designs, but how to choice the best font to write the application? That’s not a simply question. So we hope you will stay with us and get an idea which one is ideal for you. Can choice from various fonts like free and premium, bold and slim and others, but the best selection are below in this page. Take a look and enjoy ūüôā

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Free Nanotech – Clean Sans Serif Typeface

It is a clean sans-serif font with a strong visual impact. This font is perfect for logos, business cards, magazine layouts, headers, product design, large-scale artwork and etc.

Free Poppins Font

This is a great corporate looking font and one of the favorite for me which are used in this website. Perfect for all kind of designs such as headings, tittles, covers, resumes and etc.

Free Montserrat Font

It is a bold geometric sans serif font for any design you need to create. Pefect for headings, blog posts, tittles, covers, resumes and etc.

Yarelli Sans Serif Font Family

It is a creative yet simple sans serif typeface that looks stunning in every context. It contains 3 weights. Yarelli is great for magazine, logos, invitations, text, presentations, posters, notices, titles and etc.

Helena Display Typeface

It is an expanded of sans serif typeface made to supply industry, fashion, editorial and corporate needed of strong headline font family for titles, logo, sign system, presentation, and etc.

QUART Unique Display Font

It is an amazingly unique font for headlines, big text, branding, logotypes & display usage. This font is also perfect for creating outstanding logos, promotional content and marketing graphics that can really grab attention from your visitors.

Proximate – Modern Display Typeface + Webfonts

It is a modern sans serif typeface very much suitable for film posters, headlines, block letter, subheading, logo designs, big banners, resumes and etc.

Free Lora Font

It is an amazing serif font. Lora pairs well with almost any sans serif font. This font also looks great on all types of media including print.

Free Playfair Display Font

If you need to write an elegant and luxurous text this font will be your favorite. Perfect for headings, lettering, covers, posters, resumes and etc.

Free Garamond Libre Font Family

Garamond Libre is an old-style serif font family. Ideal for headings, lettering, covers, posters, resumes, print design and etc.

Free Clinica Pro Font

Nice and clean font free for commercial use. Ideal for headings, lettering, covers, posters, resumes, print design and etc.

Gallery Modern Font

Gallery is a modern font that is both memorable and stylish. Perfect for fashion, branding, tittles, covers, logos, resumes and etc.

Avantgarde Font

Avantgarde is a powerful sans serif font family made to be a perfect choice for titles and headlines but it’s versatile enough to be a good fit for a multitude of projects such as tittles, resumes, covers, branding and etc.

Manchester Script Font

It is a handlettering font that comes with charming identity. This font also has great movement with clean look. You can use it for all your needs, such as a logo, printed quotes, badge, insignia, packaging, headline and etc.

Edingu Font Family

It is a condensed minimal rounded sans serif font. It comes with 3 weights: Regular, Round and Italic versions, which contains complete basic glyph with multilingual support. Edingu will be perfect for logo, packaging, greeting cards, presentations, headlines, lettering, resumes and etc.

Rolves – Sans Serif Font Family

It is a modern sans serif font family. Perfectly going for designs such as logo, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, stationary, design title, resumes and etc.

NORMAL – Minimal Sans Serif Typeface

A pure & minimal typeface with the special charm of a perfect sans-serif font. Just one look and you will notice the unique flair of this typeface which will make it perfect for logotypes, headlines, branding materials, corporate identities, web & print purposes, resumes and etc.

Chequers – Modern Sans Serif Font

It is a classic and modern sans serif with a unique uppercase and lowercase. This font contains a bunch of essential ligatures that will make your presentation or resume even more stunning.

Quinlee – Versatile Sans Serif Font

The font is designed to look good for headlines and also large chunks of text. You can use it to create documents with large amounts of text, on websites, magazines, flyers, resumes and etc.

Giga Sans

It is a modern sans serif font with a clean and elegant geometric touch. Consists of 9 uprights and 9 matching italics ranging from Thin to Black. This font can be used for long paragraphs such as news content, magazines, brochures, catalogs, logotypes, resumes and etc.

Groteska – Modern Sans Serif Font

The typeface comes with a total of 14 fonts spreading between 7 weights featuring 7 uprights and matching italics for each weights. Ideal for long text, lettering, branding, resumes, tittles, headlines and etc.

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