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25+ Incredible Scandinavian Nordic Fonts

Scandinavian countries are well known for their simplicity and minimalism. Not a secret they use this everywhere and also to a fonts. That's not bad, but high class!

Traditional Scandinavian or nordic style is represented by simple flat patterns of symmetrically arranged animals and plants, clear and geometric silhouettes. The nordic fonts sometimes is hard to read, but they are well used between designers around the world.

Today we have a great collection of more as 25 incredible Scandinavian nordic fonts to add to your collection as well to use in your designs. You will love the minimalism and style of these fonts without any doubts. Keep good mood and enjoy.

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Nordic (Free)

Nordic is an experimental typeface, that was created, inspired by norwegian runes. Latest version consists of uppercase alphabet (lowercase is the same), numerals and basic punctuation.

Nordic (Free)

Nordic is a free creative typeface. Perfect for for branding, stationery, logos, business cards, websites, blogs, wedding invitations, menus and etc.

Stormning Family (Free)

Stormning is one of the 100% free fonts. Includes different variations so it can fulfill your different needs.

Norse (Free)

You can find a full runic alphabet here. It is good for specialized magazines and cards.

Runy Tunes (Free)

This font transfers a characteristic atmosphere of the North and would add Nordic feel to any design.

Viking (Free)

It is simply, minimalistic, and can be used for all projects.


Njord is a display typeface that features a unique alternate style. The typeface includes uppercase multilingual letters, numbers and punctuation. Perfect for logos, titles and enjoy using it with really wide spacing.


This tribal font is meant to be used for headlines, titles, logos, posters, flyers, etc – anything that requires a unique geometric typeface with tribal motif.


It combines traditional latin letters and numbers with viking spirit. Ragnarok is perfect for display purposes, in particular headlines, magazines, books and etc.

Nordic Dream Family

The typeface has regular, stencil and decorative versions, geometric symbols for design. Letters and symbols are perfectly combined with each other. The font is easy to use in various design programs or without any program.

Nordic Christmas

The font is inspired by nature, winter and scandinavian motives and it will be perfect for posters and greeting cards.


Norwolk is a linear font in folk style, uppercase is decorated with geometric elements. It is suitable for lettering posters, music albums, tattoos and photo overlays in hipster style.

Nordic Tale

The typeface includes decorative, blank and symbol versions. It is suitable for lettering posters and cards, tourist brochures, photo overlays, book covers and article titles.


The font have 3 different styles like simply, complex and intricate. Recommend mixing up the different versions to achieve unique results. Includes uppercase multilingual letters, numbers and simple punctuation.


It’s ideal font for giving your text that strong nordic touch. Perfect for typography posters, apparel design, branding and logo, greeting cards and invitations.

Scandinavian Family

Scandinavian font family include three fonts: decorative, black and symbols. You can mix & match them to achieve interesting results.

Sacred North

The uppercase letters have a decorative, geometric appearance while the lowercase letters feature a more elegant and simple appearance which means the two variations complement each other. Perfect for headlines, quotes, posters, brochures, packaging, t-shirts, postcards, logos and etc.


The font contains upper case characters, punctuation, numbers and symbols. Best for headlines, tiltles, magazines, brochures and etc.

Viking Caps

Viking Caps is a strange mix of runic and gothic letterforms.Use it in logos for rock band projects, t-shirt designs, tattoos and etc.

Jorgen Script

Jorgen font contains uppercase & lowercase characters, numbers and punctuations. Perfect for any graphic and logo designs, wedding and birthday invitations and etc.


The font includes full set of gorgeous uppercase letters, numerals, punctuation, alternate characters, multilingual characters support and symbols. Perfect for packaging design, product design, as well as magazines, books, thematic posters and apparel.


This unique font comes with a geometric style and it is perfectly ideal to be used in designing logos, flyers, titles, social media posts and etc.


There are three styles available for this font which will look great on all modern designs. LovePagans can create a rustic feel for your designs.


Noatun has two different variations and has an amazing geometric style. You can use it for titles, quotes, flyers, logos and etc.


If you want to create a feel of mysticism for your designs such as branding and packaging you can use Erin Typeface which has a humanist feel.

Viking Hell (Free)

It is one of the gothic and modern fonts. this bold type and strong all caps font are free for personal use.

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