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30+ Remarkable Serif Fonts for Your Typography Collection

From vintage to modern, elegant to bold, there’s a huge range of different styles and aesthetics covered serif fonts out there.

Do you need some nice serif fonts for your design project here we have gathered a collection of remarkable serif fonts without any doubts they can expand your typography collection as well.

It’s true that there are huge amount of amazing and unique serif fonts out there, so we’ve researched and found a collection of the best serif fonts that are currently available for free download or purchase for some small bucks for a premium quality fonts. So, keep a good mood and enjoy!

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Defgik (Free)

This font is a nice gamechanger for your creative design projects such as titles, covers, posters, badges, logos and etc.

Kenfolg (Free)

This font gives your designs a professional and artistic look. Designers can use it in brochures, flyer designs, book title designs, magazines, blog posts and posters etc.

Zeit (Free)

A nice free serif font family with 14 styles and perfect for newspapers, magazines, brochures or greeting cards.

Baskervville (Free)

An modern and cute free serf font in two styles regular and italic. Perfect for newspapers, magazines, brochures or greeting cards etc.

Avecoire (Free)

A free typeface inspired by art deco. It’s elegant vintage style is great for logos, branding, signage, posters and etc.

RS Genius Normal (Free)

Genius normal is a free vintage slab serif typeface with hand crafted look. The font is perfect logos, labels, badges etc.

Marmo (Free)

It is a serif font family featuring 5 different font weights and italics. Free for personal and commercial use.

Leiko (Free)

Leiko is a genuine modern font for beautiful typography designs. Best for postcards, brochures, logos etc.

Devitos (Free)

Devitos free font comes with a modern and stylish design that makes it a great choice for crafting website headers, social media posts, posters, and etc.

Feliz en Vista (Free)

This awesome serif font features an elegant vintage-themed design. It includes a set of characters with uppercase and lowercase letters featuring attractive curves. It is free to use in personal projects.


Graydon is an premium modern serif font. Perfect for logotype, label, badge, headline, signature, packaging and any more.

Cludy Aurora

It is perfect combination between classic and fairy serif with signature script. Contain two fonts, the delicate modern serif and a free hand writing script. Great for logos, web design, booklets and etc.


It is another elegant serif that’s been made specifically for luxury and high-end branding designs. Perfect for logos, broshucres, magazines, wedding invitations and etc.


It is suitable both for a pleasant experience in reading texts as well as for striking headlines and for subtext applications with the heavier weights. Very suitable to use logos, posters, covers, main packaging, t-shirts, business cards, wedding cards and etc

Marinaio Family

The Marinaio is an elegant and handcrafted font family. Perfect for business cards, custom stamps, coffeetable books, letterhead, invitations and many more.


Vera is a tall and slender serif display font. It comes in rough, regular and oblique styles and includes multilingual uppercase characters, alternate letters, numbers and punctuation. The font was made for sleek headlines in narrow spaces likes invitations, magazine covers and titles.


Moriarty serif is a modern casual font great to use for headline, logo, magazine, and any editorial design needs also readable body text.


It is a tall, condensed serif font with sharp brackets, short arms with a slight curve at the end. Perfect for logos, booklets, lettering, headlines and etc.

Wild & Folk

Wild & Folk serif – classy and elegant. This font was inspired by and created for a love of using classic styles in modern settings.


Campfire font is perfect for your up coming projects. Great for logo branding, editorial design, stationery design, sport design, blog design, modern advertising design, card invitation, art quote and etc.


Quentin serif includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and punctuation and it’s a great choice for titles, writing, logos and prints.

Maiah Family

It s a modern and minimalist serif typeface which will add charm into your designs. It comes with 4 weights: regular, thin, light and bold versions, which contains uppercase and lowercase alphabet, numbers, basic punctuation with multilingual support.


Nandia is a creative serif that is ideal for making casual and lifestyle designs. The font comes with a stylish and attractive design that will go great with t-shirt designs, social media designs, brochures logos and etc.


The tall and narrow design of this font will certainly make your designs look one of a kind. Suitable for Logo, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, stationary, design title, blog header and etc.

Grand Duke

A stylish and beautiful serif font with an elegant feel. Perfect for display projects such as quoted text, postcard, logo, presentation, nature-theme, product packaging, magazine and etc.


Modern and luxury serif suitable for crafting logos, labels, flyers, and business cards for high-end brands and products. This font has a thick lettering design that will look great on almost any surface.

Morgen Family

This font will definitely make your designs stand out from the crowd. It features a very natural hand-drawn look that will add personality to your creative designs.

Thomas Craft

This awesome font features a truly modern design with a clean and minimalist layout. You can use it to design logos, website headers, flyers, and more others. It comes in 4 different weights.

Besley (Free)

Affordable antique slab serif for your perfect typography project. Perfect for logos, booklets, invitations, magazines, brochures and etc.

Rachel (Free)

Rachel is available in full lowercase and uppercase letters and punctuation marks, for both personal and commercial use in Roman and Italic characters. You can also use it in gold color for your trendy typographic poster design.


Calypso is a modern serif and sans serif duo. Perfect for all sorts of projects such as logo design, branding, web design, packaging, social media and etc.

Argent CF

Argent is dashing and expressive, with a pronounced x‑height and evocative, flowing letter­forms. Featuring true italics, wide language support, a host of OpenType features, and lots of character..

Vintage Stylist

Vintage Stylist is a modern vintage serif loaded with alternates and ligatures that is perfect for stunning logos, quotes, wedding invites, blog posts, Instagram, and more!


Ochre is a new serif that is an instant classic. Vintage curves and crisp serifs make this typeface feel modern and nostalgic. Perfect font for creating gorgeous branding, logos, body text and etc.

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