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20+ Slab Serif Fonts for Logos & Headlines

Welcome to a stunning collection of slab serif fonts useful if you planing to craft a logo or add them in headlines.

Slab serif fonts are very attractive and versatile that can be used in many typographic or design projects. Traditionally, slab serifs are considered one of the best fonts for logos, titles & headlines.

Here is an comprehensive collection of more as 20 handpicked free and premium slab serif fonts for your designing needs. All of them are created by professional designers around the net. Enjoy right now!

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Woodman – Slab Serif Font

Woodman features 3 weights, regular, thin and heavy. Each weight has 4 different styles: normal, rounded, press and grunge. The heavy version also has a 5th styles, grunge outline. Ideal for branding and headlines.

Free Nexa Slab Serif Font

 It is a geometric slab serif font whose design is based on the already popular best-seller Nexa. This font is ideal for web or print, motion graphics, logos, fitting nicely with both small and large typesetting text blocks.

Free Chelsea Font

It is a free for personal use and professional font to create your typography project awesome. Perfect for branding logos, headlines, titles and etc.

Free Choplin Font Family

It is a geometric slab serif font to make your design project standing. Greate for bold headlines, titles, logos, posters, flyers and etc.

Free Napo Font Family

It is a free for commercial use slab serif font, developed in two basic weights (regular & bold). Best for headlines, cover titles, books, brochures, logos and etc.

Free Locke Font

Locke is a stylish slab serif with a modern twist. Perfect for large titles or body copy. Locke has extensive multi-language support, counting over 390 glyphs per weight.

Free Euphorigenic Font

Euphorigenic is a playful, slab-serif headline font free for commercial use. Perfect for any kind of headlines, logos, cover titles and etc.

Free Glegoo Font

Glegoo, a truly modern slab serif free for commercial use font. Perfect for nice headlines, cover titles, branding, logos and etc.

Free Ansley Display Font

Ansley Display is a past and modern slab serif retro free for commercial use font. Ideal for bold headlines, cover titles, brochures, posters, flyers, logos and etc.

Bondie Slab – Condensed Slab Serif Font

Condensed Slab serif with solid font files. it is based on the compact solid font, by combining a variety of styles. Suitable for Logo, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, stationary, design title and etc.

Jerome – Condensed Slab Serif

This font comes with 3 weights: thin, light, and regular. Jerome features strong and solid lines, gorgeous glyphs, and stunning styles. It would perfect for logos, magazines, quotes, posters, branding and etc.

Campfire Slab Serif Font

It is perfect for your up coming projects. Such as logo branding, editorial design, stationery design, sport design, blog design and etc.

Kane – Slab Serif Font

It is a slab-serif font that gives the impression of being clean and very elegant. Ideal for any kind of display designs such as logos, branding, headlines, titles and etc.

Visby Slab CF: Geometric Slab Serif Font

It is a geometric slab serif built on the popular Visby font family. Excellent for headlines, captions, and just about everything in between.

Northolt – A Slab Serif Font Family

The font comes with a light, regular, bold, distressed and rough versions. This makes it versatile for use in many different project types like headlines, blog titles, covers, posters, logos and etc.

Basel – Slab Serif Font Family

It is a creative and vibrant slab serif typeface with strong personality and wide choice of weights. Basel makes it perfect for logo, greeting cards, posters, branding, headlines and etc.

Kilda Roast – Slab Serif Font

It is a modern slab serif font. It is most suited as a decorative display font for editorials or packaging design.

Kaayla Slab Serif Font Pack

It is an awesome bold slab serif typeface. Kaayla comes in four weights, with over 290 glyphs support. Excellent to use in logotypes, signage, advertising, display, typography, headlines and etc.

Artegra Slab

It is the latest addition to the Artegra superfamily. It contains 54 fonts with over 1000 glyphs per font in condensed, normal and extended widths. Best for headlines, bold titles, covers, logos and etc.

Emy Slab Font

Emy Slab consists of two subfamilies of 7 weights, ranging from Thin to Black with matching italics, resulting in a total of 28 fonts. Ideal for branding, headlines, blog titles and etc.

Moonlight Slab Serif Font

It is a modern handwritten slab serif font that comes in 2 font weights – regular & bold. This bouncy, adorable font is perfect for cutting, t-shirts, party invites, storybook, merchandise and etc.

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