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10 Breathtaking Summer Color Palettes 2022

Do you want to renew your business with the colors typical of summer? Check out this article!

Summer fascinates us with its colors because they are so cozy and pastel that you want to enjoy them all year round, but since summer is only a certain period in many parts of the world, we want to enjoy it by updating our business color palette.

If you do business online and want to change the colors on your website, social networks, your blog or somewhere else, you are in the right place because we present along with color-hex popular summer color palettes, of which there are even 10 with Hex codes to give you it would be easier to change them to the ones you want from our list.

For designers, summer means endless colorful themes to use in your designs. Take a deep breath and inspire yourself with these great summer colors because your design should captivate everyone who visits. Just take a look at them and let the creativity flow.

1. Rose Quartz and Serenity Color Palette

Hex Codes:  #f7cac9  |  #ffdcdb  |  #ffffff  |  #b4c8ea  #91a8d0

Summer breeze for your design project. Just add these color tones which are lovely for the eyes to your blog, brochures, posters, book covers and etc.

2. Summer Coming Color Palette

Hex Codes:  #ff4e50  |  #fc913a  |  #f9d62e  |  #eae374  #e2f4c7

If you want to add warm and sunny colors to your design project, then this color palette is right for you. Just create your blog, links, covers, icons, posters and other things by using this perfect colors without any doubts.

3. Underwater Scene Color Palette

Hex Codes:  #daf8e3  |  #97ebdb  |  #00c2c7  |  #0086ad  #005582

From deep underwaters to light blue scenes, your design will be awesome if you add these colors. Perfect for banners, covers, links, blog layouts, brochures and etc.

4. Simple White Skin Color Palette

Hex Codes:  #ffe2c6  |  #ffd7ae  |  #dfc4a8  |  #fde7d6  #e7c6a4

This color palette a light tanned body style for your design projects. You can work with these colors for creation of menu templates, stylistic designs, beauty brochures and etc.

5. Beach Color Palette

Hex Codes:  #96ceb4  |  #ffeead  |  #ff6f69  |  #ffcc5c  #88d8b0

Nice warm an a little retro summer time color palette for your design projects such as invitations, covers, posters, beach theme styles and etc.

6. Shades of Turquoise Color Palette

Hex Codes:  #b3ecec  |  #89ecda  |  #43e8d8  |  #40e0d0  #3bd6c6

Like a nice. clean tropical sea color and want to create something true summerly, then this color palette is for you. Perfect for posters, party flyers, product designs and etc.

7. Pastel Rainbow Color Palette

Hex Codes:  #a8e6cf  |  #dcedc1  |  #ffd3b6  |  #ffaaa5  #ff8b94

Warm and colorful rainbow in pastel style is so good to design your projects such as postcards, product designs, book covers, making of gradients and etc.

8. Carnival Vintage Color Palette

Hex Codes:  #b7ded2  |  #f6a6b2  |  #f7c297  |  #ffecb8  #90d2d8

Most of the spectacular carnivals are going in summer and this color palette is so good to bring summer to your design style. Ideal for posters, flyers, brochures, booklets and etc.

9. Dusty Sage Color Palette

Hex Codes:  #f8d3c5  |  #fceee9  |  #dde6d5  |  #a3b899  #667b68

It is not the most colorful palette, but have a powerful color styles that can be your best choice for your summer design which requires to coloring huge areas such as in interior, newspapers, fabric prints and etc.

10. Summertime Color Palette

Hex Codes:  #ffbe4f  |  #6bd2db  |  #0ea7b5  |  #0c457d  #e8702a

Do you have a wish for a bright style to your design projects? You can take these awesome colors and each of them can be your ideal style. Perfect to paint small areas, coloring your blog or create attention line in your website.

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