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Tips for Creating a Video Resume (and When You Need One)

Are you contemplating submitting a resume for the job of your dreams? You have landed at correct place!

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I create a CV that will set me apart from the competition?” You’ve undoubtedly heard that video resumes are now popular, but you have no idea how to create one yourself. Establishing a personalized video resume offers you an opportunity to create a strong first impression as more businesses concentrate on creating a company culture based on shared values.

The use of video resumes is entirely up to the job seeker. A video CV may emphasize key talents for certain job seekers, particularly those in the visual or creative industries.

So, don’t worry if you’re having trouble creating an application video. Even if you haven’t tried your hand at video creation, we now have a specialized online video editor that can assist even novice creators in crafting pro-level videos.

To help you obtain the job of your dreams, I’ll help you create a 5-star video resume. But first, we will understand what exactly is a Video resume and then we’ll move on to the tips for crafting an appealing video resume.

What is a Video Resume?

A video CV is a one- or two-minute overview of a job seeker’s professional background, skills, and hobbies, presented in video format to a potential employer. By crafting a targeted video resume, a job seeker may target and personalize his message to meet the needs of a certain company.

It is possible to show public speaking, interpersonal, artistic, and technical abilities to a prospective employer in a manner that is not possible with a text-only resume, thanks to video resumes.

According to recruiters, candidates should think about adding references who can speak to the qualities and achievements of the individual. They also advise job seekers to consider whether an interactive media application is suitable for their sector before devoting time and money to producing a video version of their CV.

Workplaces with a reputation for conservatism, such as law or finance, are less likely to be impressed by a video CV than an advertising or fashion design company.

Video resumes that are most effective include concise, to-the-point responses, expert editing, and even a little comedy. So how do you go about creating one? Here are X tips for you to simplify your video resume creation journey.

4 Tips to Create a Catchy Video Resume

1. Emphasize on an Experience / Skill

Due to the limited length of your video CV, it’s best to narrow your emphasis to one specific subject. Discuss a project you were particularly proud of or show off a certain ability, such as web programming.

Address a topic only mentioned in one of your application materials, such as your resume or cover letter.

2. Highlight Something That is not Present in Your CV

Consider including a demonstration of talent or expertise that you did not include on your resume or cover letter in your video.

You may bring up a particular interest or pastime you have. Don’t forget to demonstrate how your passion or interest relates to the job, business, or industry to which you are applying.

3. Ensure a Professional Attire in Your Resume Video

If there is anything on your CV or cover letter that you did not include, like volunteer work or a particular talent, try showcasing it in your video.

Discussing a passion or interest is an option. If you are looking for a job, be careful to demonstrate how your hobbies and interests connect to that position, business, or industry.

4. Pay Attention to Employer Specific Video Resume Guidelines

Be careful to follow any guidelines an employer provides for content, duration, editing, or submission if they want a video resume.

When creating your video CV, some companies may want you to follow a prompt. If this is the case, make sure your video addresses their expectations.

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Why You Might Need to Create a Video Resume?

In a video CV, you present yourself to the hiring manager or recruiter in a few brief minutes of video. In many cases, it’s sent together with other documents like a résumé and cover letter. If you want to emphasize a particular talent or expertise in your video CV, do so.

It also gives you a chance to demonstrate how well your skills and personality fit with the company’s values. A 30-second to two-minute video resume is ideal. In the following circumstances, you may want to consider submitting a video resume:

1. You Have an Extensive Resume

Some people who have extensive relevant experience use a video CV to highlight their best attributes and assist the hiring manager in better understanding what makes them stand out. If someone watches your video resume, they’re more likely to remember the best parts of your CV, cover letter, and other documents.

2. Your Prospective Empoyer Might Require You to Submit a Video Resume

If you’re applying for a position that requires an “elevator pitch,” some employers may request a video resume. This technique also aids in showcasing your unique personality, which may not be apparent from other aspects of your resume.

3. For Instilling a Personalized Asthetic

Even if it’s not required by other employers, adding a video resume may help you stand out from other applicants. Hiring supervisors may remember your face, voice, and abilities long after you’ve left the room.


Lastly, keep in mind that with video resumes, you are in full control. Takes that don’t go as planned may be erased and redone. That stated, these resume creation tips can help you in standing apart from the masses and get your skill set highlighted in front of your prospective employers.

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