Current date:September 27, 2022

Tokyo Olympics 2020: New Exciting Trailer from BBC

The trailer for the BBC's media coverage of Tokyo Oympics 2020, the one-minute long video takes viewers on a fast-moving journey through different city scenes, featuring everything from J-pop and anime to Japanese toys and street signage.

The hottest city in Japan and the capital of the 2020 Olympic Games, Tokyo presents itself in a variety of ways. From the end of July, it will be the hottest spot in the world.

On that occasion, the news television BBC in association with Nexus Studios and Factory Fifteen presets an interesting trailer in various respects about the Tokyo Olympics, which captivated the whole world before it started. Just take a look and say what you think?

After a year of anticipation and postponement, the much-awaited Tokyo Olympics 2020 is not too far this month.

by BBC

Referring to the project, BBC Creative Director Tim Jones said: “An Olympics hosted in Tokyo was a real gift – a city rich in pop culture, hosting the world’s most eclectic sporting event. It gave us the opportunity to push our campaign both conceptually and in its execution… I’ve watched the edit more times than I can count and I still spot something new or something I forgot we included.”

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