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Top 6 Graphic Designing Trends to Use in 2021

Graphic design trends is all what you want to know when creating a new project. Start and finish with the latest trends.

The thing that inclines a user or a visitor towards a mobile app or a website is solely the design. Design is something that gives us a perception of the world, and trends position us in the current time. Hence designers of the current era need to be at par with the most recent graphic design trends.

A contemporary graphic design agency understands how fast the styles transform and evolve to keep all the work fresh. With professional help from them, your brand can resonate more with the customers on a personal level. Let’s take a look at the trends that are all set to make a huge impact on the virtual messages that businesses send.

Setting the World on Fire with the Best Graphic Design Trends

Businesses of today’s world thrive on one thing, which is decision-making by the target audience. So how can you influence the decision-making of your audience? You need to know how to keep up with graphic design trends, and you are done. Some of the design trends that graphic designers must implement in 2021 are listed as follows:

1. Minimalism

Much emphasis is now positioned on the transparency and honesty of businesses in the current landscape. This throws light on the relevance of minimalism as well. Graphic design trends like this will pursue to strip away that additional decor and flair and shift towards a more direct and simpler presentation.

Minimalism design trend is all about believability and trust. This is inclined more towards simplified visual elements, 2D illustrations, simple 2D typography, etc. Brands must focus on actual individuals more and less on the staged environments that will automatically generate an inclination towards the one-to-one conversations. This will largely help businesses of today’s time thrive especially post covid-19.

Bijao – Rebranding by Solène Hermann

2. Muted Color

Muted colors shows how powerful it was in the past year. These are vivid colors that choose to take their edge off with an amalgamation of white, a complementary or black color. People were only witnessing bright and bold colors all these years, and now they wish to witness something understated and relaxed. The aim is to move the focus from the negative messages to the more pleasing ones.

Muted colors always feel nostalgic and safe. When it comes to Graphic Design Trends 2021, muted colors must be the number one choice for designers as these feel more authentic and organic. Most consumer brands of today’s time are implementing this trend as wellness and health are the most trending topics in the current times. These also blend like magic with text.

Image by

3. Open Compositions

As per an old maxim, when you leave the mystery around yourself, it compels other people to imagine. This is the same with the brands and target audiences of today’s time. People are used to witnessing the encasing of elements in frames and boxes in a typical order, but now they wish to witness and feel open compositions. Such designs include you witnessing only a portion of the entire picture but will surprise you when you turn off the page.

So the graphic designers of today’s time must know how to keep up with graphic design trends like this. Such compositions welcome clear hierarchy and whitespace. Open compositions include elements that are loosely tethered to one another. This trend is an open style one and includes a robust design as every element’s positioning is quite random.

Hey Jane by Kati Forner

4. Type Only

Now coming a bit away from minimalism, not every designer wants to take on the calm road. The current era is also witnessing several designers inclined towards a type-only and experimental approach and love to play with scale. Such a graphic design trend is equally important.

There is much rise in the designs that are more typography-led instead of illustration or photography. Designers are now interested in experimenting with typography as these help in crafting modern compositions.

Facebook – Typographic Stickers! by Scott Biersack

5. Geometric Shapes

While last year the world witnessed a myriad of designers utilizing abstract and flowing shapes, 2021 is a bit different. Graphic design trends like geometric shapes are more prevalent in the present times. When thinking about graphic design friends 2021, a must-have as geometric metric shapes is extremely easier to utilize and construct. Utilizing geometric shapes also means that you are adding structure, order, and consistency to the visuals.

DART / Villa Verlicchi by Jona Sbarzaglia

6. Evolution of Gradients and Duotone

Nowadays, color transitions are the name given to gradients. This was a sought-after trend for the previous few years. So if you look at design trends of today’s time, gradients are now being implemented more heavily in various logo designs. Single color logos are no longer adequate. Designers thus displaying a type of gradient into the logo designs.

Not only the duotone fades are chunkier, but there are anticipated combinations like orange/red and purple/blue as well. In the previous year, the noise was all about the coming back of the duotone. But now, if we look at Spotify and quintessential playlist covers, we can see dual parallel trends that have come into the combination. This makes the current year the time of the duotone gradient.

Chromotion by Josh Warren

Final Say

Looking from the perspective of graphic design trends, it is very clear how interesting this year is going to be for designers. There is a constant pull and push between tech-conscious and avant-garde designers and discovering fresh aspects like AR and 3D. There is a simultaneous embracing of vivacious duotones that are coexisting with the vintage palettes.

This is the time to celebrate and anticipate the best work coming from today’s graphic design agency. The designs that we will witness in the coming times will be innovative, gorgeous, and intense. Let us anticipate witnessing a wide range of exciting trends that will be emerging this year. Hanging on to the hats is very much recommended as it is going to be the wildest ride. Be it any trend, our expert and experienced designers can help you craft the best visual for your target audience.

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