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Top Tips to Save Time When Using Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is one of the best programs for video editing, but it can be intimidating (and a little cumbersome) if you’ve yet to learn all the tips and tricks.

To help you make your editing easier, simpler, and more effective, here’s our collection of simple tips that will help you save time and get the results you want.

The Basics

Without solid basics in place, you have no workflow or plan. So start by making sure you have a storyboard and direction for your project, and everything in one place ready for Premiere Pro to use. Assemble everything logically- including folders for images, audio, and video. Creating a logical structure and flow is the best way to speed up the time from creation to finished project.

It’s also smart to use conformity in your media. Premiere Pro can handle swapping resolutions, media types, and frame rates, but the process of optimizing different and non-ideal products takes a while. If you stick to standard resolutions, sizes, and file types as much as possible, you’ll have a smoother work process.

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Proxy Files

Waiting for HD files to render after each little tweak eats a lot of your time, especially if you don’t have a dedicated PC or high-end specs. You can use downsized ‘proxy files’ that are smaller (in physical storage size, not resolution) than your end source material to speed this part of the process up. All you need to do, once you’re fully satisfied with the product, is use the ‘replace’ function to add the higher quality files into the proxy’s space, and run the final render.

Master Clip for Effects

You lose a lot of time reapplying stacked effects to cut sections. Rather open the master clip in the source monitor/project panel, and apply the effects there. This way, it will be applied to every part of the file you use at once, rather than repeating your effort at every cut.


Getting familiar with the basic keyboard shortcuts is smart, too. One particularly important one is the tilde key (~), which will allow you to swap to full screen on the clip you’re previewing seamlessly.

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Create Your Own Workspace

Our brains all work in different ways. You can rearrange the default Premiere Pro workspace to better suit how you work. Simply drag the window to where you want it, and save that workspace for easy access on later projects, too. Having an intuitive workspace will help you work smarter and faster. Likewise, you can set up export presets that will do the same.

Use Lumetri

Cut down a lot on switching between color enhancement programs by using the in-built Lumetri color panel. It’s built in and convenient, and you can save looks you like for reuse.

With just a few tweaks to how you work and approach your video editing, you’ll find Premiere Pro a lot more intuitive and comfortable to work with. And when you’re comfortable, you can work faster, and cut down on your effort too!

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