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20+ Vintage Photo Effect Photoshop Actions & Retro Styles

Step back in time with an extraordinary vintage photo effect! Check out this list of 20 amazing vintage and retro-inspired Photoshop actions.

Vintage scenes a well used by designers and photographers. If you need to create an retro style to your photos the best way to do that with Photoshop actions.

So, here are 20 vintage photo effect Photoshop actions and retro styles for your amazing photo designs. We will always be inspired by retro styles – and there is no better way to honor the past than to pay homage with similar creations. Keep enjoying this!

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10 Free Retro Style Photo Effect Photoshop Actions

This is indeed a wonderful package of 10 various free retro-style Photoshop actions created by Chris Spooner, a popular creator of nice Photoshop tutorials and giveaways. He got inspired by the effects of the 35mm film, so his products look very similar to those gritty pictures.

Free Sunny Photoshop Actions

One of the most pleasant and professionally-looking Photoshop vintage actions on our list and a must-have for every photographer! This action allows you to create a smooth, warm-colored vintage effect.

Vintage Old Photo Effect Overlays

A magnificent collection of 44 vintage old photo effect overlays to ensure that your photos have acquired a new charm, artistry and emotionality.

Retrograde Retro and Vintage Effects

Funky, radical, gnarly, hip, pick whatever old school word you want. The Retrograde Photoshop action set is a powerful set of effects to give you images a retro or vintage look.

Vintage Photoshop Action

Add an amazing vintage look to your photos with this vintage Photoshop action. Simply to edit and use.

Vintage Sketch Photoshop Action

Vintage sketch action adds to your realistic old sketch effect with many pencil and paints elements. Action contains 10 color FX. Save hours of work with this action.

Vintage Sketch Photoshop Action

Vintage sketch Photoshop action transforms your photos into realistic vintage sketch artworks in just a few clicks. The action works best with portraits, landscapes, architectures and other photos.

Vintage Sketch 2 Photoshop Action

Vintage sketch 2 Photoshop action transforms your photos into realistic vintage pencil sketch artworks in just a few clicks. The action works best with portraits, figures, inanimate objects and other photos. The final composition is fully layered and provides lots of effects and customization.

Antiq Guilloche Photoshop Action CS3+

Just brush some area where you want to make the vintage effect and play the action! You will get the effect of old vintage picture in few minutes and clicks.

21 Vintage & Retro Color Effects

Choose between 21 different colors, easily combine them (adjust opacity, fill and blending modes) and achieve almost unlimited results.

Vintage Wedding Photoshop Actions

This is a comprehensive suite of Photoshop actions, designed to drastically improve workflows for processing and editing wedding photos. With this set you will be able to quickly and easily add a professional finish to your images.

Vintage Effect Photoshop Action Set

This action set allows you to give that old time vintage look to your photographs or images. From the sepia drenched, wild west through to the cool retro, black and white of the swinging sixties there’s an action here that will create the effect you’re looking for.

Vintage Effects Set

This effects set will add cool retro-looking effects on your photos just by few clicks.

Vintage Film Photoshop Actions

Giving your images that coveted vintage film look is only a click away. This pack of 10 Photoshop actions is just the thing you need to turn your images into retro works of art.

Vintage Painting Action

Vintage Photoshop action will transform your photos into beautiful hand painted artistic paintings in a single click.

Vintage Effects Set 2

This effects will add cool retro-looking and authentic effects on your photos just by few click.

Photoshop Vintage Actions

These actions give your photos a vintage finish. The actions use adjustment layers which allow you to further enhance the tones of the image to your liking.

HDR Vintage Photo Effect – Photoshop

This action is designed to transform your photo’s into vintage look.

6 Vintage Photo Actions

Awesome professional retro or vintage photo effects for your images and photos. Adobe photoshop actions (.atn adobe photoshop file). Only one click on play action. Very easy to use.

Retro Painting Vol.3

Amazing new Photoshop action to add a retro painting effects to your images. Easy to edit and use.

Vintage Colors Photoshop Actions

40 vintage Photoshop actions to make your photo outstanding an vintage look. Easy to edit and use.

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