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35+ Remarkable Watercolor Fonts for Creative Designers

Watercolor fonts can be the most attractive elements to your design projects.

Watercolor is one of the measure of painting, simply colors mixed with a water. The watercolor art are booming in a designing environment. So, today we have gathered more as 35 free and premium watercolor fonts for your design projects.

Watercolor fonts no longer require pen, water materials and are easy to use. These fonts are used in artistic products such as watercolors, cosmetics, celebration flyers and invitations. Enjoy them righ now.

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Free Austhina Brush Calligraphy Scratch Font

It is a font inspired by a casual watercolor editorial style, specially created to engage with the observer through natural and spontaneous script shapes, almost like if you could see the brush flowing through every trace.

Free Ballada Brush Font

Working in harmony with Ballada script to create typography awesome creations. This font ideal for use in watercolor design or bold lettering such as blog header, posters, wedding elements, t-shirt and etc.

Free Selima Brush Script Font

It is a free brush-lettered font with beautiful irregular shapes and baseline. It is suitable for dazzling messages and font overlays.

Free Chocoleta Brush Font

This handwritten & grunge style font is available to be used for personal and commercial design projects.

Free Parabola Font

Parabola is a handwritten font with a lot of personality, looks great for any kind of project and give a personal touch for everything you do.

Free Cheddar Jack Font

It is nice script font free for personal use only. Perfect for hand crafted designs like t-shirt, logo, branding and etc.

Free Westfalia Font

This font provides an authentic hand drawn feel with its messy edges and varied line thickness. Great for any design work related to the outdoors and exploration.

Free Bleakerst Script Font

Modern font with vintage touch. Great for your new logo, lettering, packaging designs.

Fresh Picked Watercolor & Font Kit

This typeface is packed with over 55 hand-painted watercolors, three new fonts, including a digbat font with loads of hand-drawn extras, 6 ready-made logos and a set of brand new watercolor textures!

The Lovestory Font Collection

Its smooth curves reflect a style of writing that expresses just as much as the written message. So, use it for writing. Use it for beautiful and romantic texts on greeting cards.

Kids Watercolor Font

It is a new collection of display serif typeface with cute illustrations. Perfect for logos, cards, posters and other designs.

Maltese SVG Watercolor Font

Maltese is an all caps font family that comes in 2 different forms SVG & Solid with 2 styles each : regular & italic.

Norffo Font + Watercolor Brush

For those who love to create project with fun concept design, Norffo handwriting brush style typeface is suitable for your font collection. You will also get a bonus of 11 watercolor brush for photoshop.

Bonjour! Typeface with Extras

Bonjour comes with alternate upper and lowercase characters, and supports international languages. Perfect for using in ink or watercolour based designs or on its own as bold hand-brushed lettering.

Austin – OpenSVG Watercolor Font

The font is made with OpenSVG technology it allows us to have so much more detail & transparency in the letters, which can give your text a realistic hand-painted look.

Palmetto SVG Watercolor Font

Transparent & textured fonts are now a reality! And they are awesome! With built-in texture, there’s no need for Photoshop overlays or brushes – you just type and go!

SkyLove SVG Watercolor Font

SkyLove is a watercolor SVG font that has a true hand drawn look and feel.

Breakthrough Watercolor Font

It is an installable hand painted watercolor font. Every letter is hand crafted with love.

Helena – Script Font

Give your designs an authentic handcrafted feel. Helena is perfectly suited to stationery, logos and much more.

Watercolor Opentype SVG Font

The purpose of the font is to get that watercolor effect on your project without much effort, just select the SVG font and start typing all you want! The font is perfect for logo, branding, photography, blogs and etc.

Manhattan Darling Typeface + Bonus

It is hand-painted font to make your watercolor design more attractive. The font is perfect for logo, branding, photography, blogs, apparel and etc.

Shallom Font

A hand drawn typeface with brush and ink with touch modern calligraphic style in alternate characters.

Ciera Watercolor SVG Font + Florals & Logos

A dream collection of 4 fonts, 23 floral illustrations & 6 premade logos. Ciera comes in both an SVG font with all that lovely watercolor texture included & also comes in a solid version and a sans font that pairs perfectly with it.

Anise Font

Anise – hand painted font and 4 watercolor textures. Ideal for invitations, logos, branding, blogs, handmade craft items, scrap booking, printed paper items and more.

Walmath Font

A hand painted typeface, perfect for using in ink or watercolour based designs or on its own as bold hand-brushed lettering.

Billow Font

Billow is a bold and beautiful hand lettered font with oodles of extras! It’s imperfect baseline and thin-to-fat characters give it a fun and stylish aesthetic perfect for typography, branding, logo design, invitations, prints, and wedding elements.

Serendipity Script

Serendipity is a hand written font adds a beauty to your designs with an watercolor spicy. Perfect for lettering, t-shirts, branding, badges, hand crafted designs.

Handster Typeface

Handster typeface is a handwritten font crafted with love. This font is so perfectly imperfect font to put a personal feel into anything you’re working on.

Fabulous Script

Fabulous Script is a beautiful handpainted script, organic, fun with dancing baseline and different swashes that can be applied to the beginning and ends of all lowercase.

Weyouth Font

The font allowing you to create beautiful hand-made typography in an instant. With extra vector doodle, Weyouth script is guaranteed to make your text stand out – perfect for logos, printed quotes, invitations, cards and etc.

Hello Sunshine Font Duo

Its thin line weight, artistic strokes, and joined lines between some letters make it a truly unified font. Perfect for valentine’s or wedding day.

Les Fruits – Inky and Painted Font

A casual, arty and inky, newly brush-lettered font with oodles of free extras to bring it to life! Perfect for branding, logos, greeting cards, stationery design, invitations, t-shirts and etc.

Loving Saskia Font & Graphics Bundle

Loving Saskia font is a brush pen script font that’s easy to read and looks amazing in lowercase or all uppercase. It is the perfect font for branding, invites, logos, quotes, posters, packaging, and etc.

Waterlily Typeface

Waterlily is an awesome hand painted font for your amazing design. It is the perfect font for branding, invites, logos, quotes, posters, packaging, and etc.

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