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20+ Modern Surreal Wavy Fonts

Welcome to our wavy fonts collection. Be first to download the most modern fonts these days.

We have prepared for you extremely popular wavy fonts that are used in both graphic and web designs. These are surreal fonts that have a wavy style in their typography. You will be amazed when you see our collection.

All these wavy fonts has been crafted by professional designers and are in the best quality no matter it is free or premium fonts. Feel free to use them in your designs without any regrets and enjoy. 🙂

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Marsea – Wavy Display Font

It is a cool and wavy display font. Simple but with a strong visual effect, this font will instantly make your creation more appealing than any others.

Wavy Lines Font

This font can use to support your project to make design more beautiful. It suitable for book covers, merchandise, posters, titles, quotes, and etc.

Distortion – Wavy Sans Serif

It is an all caps Sans Serif font with randomize wavy characters style. It’s great font for fun and casual headlines that has been support special characters for multilingual.

Plastic Sans Font

A contemporary distorted display typeface inspired by a digital glitch, designed to add a touch of creativity and abstract appeal to your next project. Perfect for headlines, titles, poster, website, social media profiles and etc.

California Sunshine Font

It is a font that will take your designs, stationary, logos, branding, music posters, and apparel to a new and epic level.

Wavy Font (Free)

The free wavy font works best for medium and big size text. Perfect for greeting cards, posters, flyers, brochures and etc.

Glassure Typeface

It is an experimental typeface that is inspired by every pull and curl in the process of making glass sculptures. Ideal for posters, greeting cards, logos, packaging and etc.

Chill More / Wavy Sans Font

This font looks best in short phrases or words. Perfect for shirts, advertisements, social media, craft projects, signs, wall art and etc.

Oscilus Font

It is a condensed, wavy display face. Perfect for headlines, your next CBD oil packaging design, and pretty much anything Halloween related.

Amour Modern Display Logo Font

It is a hand-crafted font that brings a unique visual voice to any design, from modern logos to Instagram quotes, portfolio websites, editorial layouts and etc.

MFB Dimension Drive Font

It is a modern wide and quirky sans serif display font. Best usage on logos, posters, display, headlines, t-shirts design and etc.

Sunstroke Font

It is a funky reverse contrast typeface with a wavy and groovy style. Perfect fit for a sunny, summerly and fresh design. Works particularly great in bigger size on print, packaging, social media and branding.

Tan – Nimbus Display Font

It is a psychedelic inspired typeface. It’s retro, bold, and playful. Perfect if you need a dose of fun in your project.

Savio Display Font

A modern-style display font that create stunning logos, branding projects, posts, wedding invitations, magazines, and etc.

Tan Moonlight Font

It is a display typeface that says we’re here to boogie! It brings back the 70s vibes with its groovy and funky rhythm. Ideal for posters, flyers, covers, logos, titles and etc.

Tan Astoria Typeface

It is a quirky display serif that spells fun. With its psychedelic look, it would look perfect when paired with a conventional serif/sans serif. It can be used for masthead, posters, business identity and etc.

Macarona Font

It is drawn by hand, the originality and curvature of lines are preserved, but it is perfectly designed to be used in serious typography and for children’s books.

Endless Summer Wave Font

A brand new san serif with modern curves. This typeface works well for identity and apparel design.

Narnia – Display Font

It is a psychedelic inspired typeface. It’s retro, bold, and playful. Perfect if you need a dose of fun in your project.

Wavy Font (free)

It is a futuristic font inspired by science fiction, racing movies and books. Perfect for use in projects related to gaming, technology, crypto and etc.

BOOQ Bold Liquid Typeface

It is a new bold liquid typeface full of all 26 characters and numbers. Perfect to create big titles and headlines, posters, covers and etc.

Unknow Typeface

It’s a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes. Perfect for editorial projects, logo designs, clothing branding, product packaging, magazine headers and etc.

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